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PDF Manual Excerpt: 3nStar ONE BRAND, ONE SOLUTION f3nStar RP1006 76mm Impact Receipt Printer USB User Manual www.3nstar.com DMX 1.Safety Notice:

  • Don't touch the printer head with anything. Don't touch the cutter blade. Don't bend the power cord excessively or place any heavy objects onto it. Don't use the printer when it is out of order. This can cause a fire or and electrocution. When connecting or disconnecting the plug, always hold the plug but not the cord. Keep the desiccant out of children's reach. Use only approved accessories and do not try to disassemble, repair or remodel it by yourself. Install the printer on the stable surface. Choose firm, level surface where avoid vibration. Don't let water or other foreign objects into the printer. Don't connect a telephone line into the peripheral drive connector. We recommend that you unplug the printer from the power outlet if no use it for a long period .
  • Applications:
  • POS system Receipts EFT POS system Receipts Gym, post, hospital, civil aviation system Receipts Inquiry, Service system Receipts Instrument test Receipts * Tax, Tab Receipts
  • Unpacking After unpacking the unit, check that all the necessary accessories are included in the package. User's Manual 1 PCS Printer 1 PCS Data Cable 1 PCS Power Adapter (include power cord) 1 SET ---------------------------IMPACT DOT-MATRIX PRINTER--------------------------- 1 Main Features: Command protocal is based on ESC/POS standard Low-noise thermal printing. Various Layouts are possible by using page mode. Repeated operation and copy printing are possible. Character font size optional. Easy paper-roll installation. Easy paper jam clearance. Easy maintenance for tasks such as head cleaning. * Built-in interface provides control capability for cash drawer. Technique Spec. Print method Impact Dot-matrix Print speed 4.5 line / secretary. Paper width 76±0.5mm Print columns 400dots/line Character ANK Character: Font A: 9×9dots FontB:7 Simplify/Traditional: 16×9dots 16 dots Compatible with ESC/POS Interface Parallel/Serial/Wireless/USB Auto cutter Reliability print Dimension 155 × 135 × 265mm ( W × D × H ) ×9dots Print command All or half 10 million lines Adaptor power input AC 110V/220V, 50~60Hz Powersupply DC 24V/2.5A Power adapter Input:AC110V/220V,50~60HZ Output:DC 12V/3A Cash Drawer DC 24V/1A Work Temperature 0~50°C Dampness: 10~80% Storage temperature -10~60°C, Dampness: 10~90% ---------------------------IMPACT DOT-MATRIX PRINTER--------------------------- 2 6. Printer Connection a. Plug the DC cord connector into the printer's power connector. b. Plug the data cable connector into the printer's interface connector. c. Plug the drawer cable into the drawer kick-out connector on the back of the printer next to the interface connector. a b c 3 ---------------------------IMPACT DOT-MATRIX PRINTER--------------------------- Power adapter Power line Paper Roll Installation a. Turn on the printer and open the top cover. b. Install the paper roll according to the chart below. c. Place the paper into the paper path, and printer will automatically feed the paper. d. Open the cutter, separate plies of paper. Insert the upper copies through the upper cutter slot, and the lower copies under the cutter. e. Insert the lower copies into the paper receiver gap, and rotate the receiver pole a round to lock the paper. Then close the cutter and place the ribbon cartridge followed by the arrow. f. Cut off excess paper, then close the top cover. a b c d e
  • Setting the Printing Mode (DIP switches) The DIP switches are used to set the printer to perform various functions, such as cutter mode, character set, speed, beeper, print density and etc. DIP SWITCH SETTINGS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ---------------------------IMPACT DOT-MATRIX PRINTER--------------------------- 4 WARNING: All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission. The company reverses the rights of modifications of manufacture technology, assembly, software and hardware without notice. Contact your franchiser if you need further information about the product. V.NE76-05Cn