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PDF OCR Transcript: External Terminal Block CONSTANT CLOSURE: Constant Closure for Station #1 Normally Open contacts remain closed as long as master has sub station selected. PS-1225UL Pg. 1 Special Order Products 123~20E-+- LDF LDF Loudspeaker Master Station with External Control Capability LDF-20C LDF-40C LDF-20CA LDF-40CA

  • LDF SUPPLEMENT TO LAF-C/CA INSTRUCTIONS - The LDF Loudspeaker Intercom and External Control System is designed for communication between a central master station and remote intercom stations. The LDF is an expanded feature version of the LAF-C/CA system. All information regarding installation other than the external control functions is included in the LAF-C/CA instructions. In addition to communication to remote locations, external devices can be activated, such as activating a CCTV camera when the associated sub station is selected, selectively controlling the corresponding door strike or maglock, or both. WIRING DIAGRAM: SYSTEM USED FOR CCTV CAMERA CALL-UP LDF-20CA LS-NVP Red Blk Grn +- Individual Components for System: LDF-nC Master station with selective contact output capability (20, 40) LDF-nCA Master station w/handset and selective contact output capability (20, 40) LD-20AS 20-call Add-on Selector with selective output capability LD-40AS 40-call Add-on Selector with selective output capability RY-PA Relay for selective output (1 per station requiring external contact) PS-1225UL 12V DC, 2.5A Power Supply LE-series Any model sub station with LE-prefix LS-NVP Vandal proof sub station (add SBX-NVP for surface mount) IMPORTANT: 1. RY-PA must be used for each additional contact to isolate AC voltage from the intercom circuit. 2. Extra contact connections and L are on separate terminal block. LDF-40C/CA has two terminal blocks. LS-NVP 123~20 L Red LE-DA Blk Grn RY-PA #1 RY-PA #2 RY-PA #3 NOTE: Leave jumper between E & - on master and subs when using 2 conductor homerun wiring IN SINGLE MASTER SYSTEM ONLY. Jumper BLK/GRN wires at LS-NVP in 2-wire system. 1 L 2 1E- BLK YEL BLK YEL Constant Closure for Station #2 BLK YEL Constant Closure for Station #3 Terminal Block DUAL FUNCTIONS FROM EACH CHANNEL: Equipment for each station that requires BLK RY-PA #1 YEL Momentary closure #1 both a constant closure and momentary closure when a channel is selected: 2 RY-PA relays BLK RY-PA #2 YEL Constant closure #1 2 Diodes (1N4001) BLKYEL Momentary closure #2 LDF Master +YEL Constant closure #2 - LDF TERMINAL DEFINITIONS: + Positive 12V DC input, and constant closure output - Negative 1~40 Station number E Common communication R Occupied LED control L Positive output for selective closure (Located on terminal block) RY-PA #1 BLK RY-PA #2 WIRING DIAGRAM: SYSTEM USED FOR SELECTIVE DOOR RELEASE LDF-20C LE-D1123~20EE- -++- - LE-D 123~20 L LE-D RY-PA #1 RY-PA #2 RY-PA #3 1E- 1E- Normally To activate door release, press button located above TALK button. BLK YEL Momentary Closure for Station #1 Open contacts are maintained when the BLK door release button is being pressed BLK while a station button is selected. Aiphone Communication Systems 1700 130th Ave. N.E. Bellevue, WA 98005 (425) 455-0510 FAX (425) 455-0071 Momentary Closure for Station #2 YEL Momentary Closure for Station #3 YEL External Terminal Block AC Power for Door Releases TOLL FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT: (800) 692-0200 TOLL FREE FAX LINE: (800) 832-3765 E-MAIL: Common for each closure PS-1225UL To convert RY-PA to N/C (normally closed) contact: x x Move one yellow wire from "NO" to "NC". (Internal modification, soldering required.) OPERATION:
  • POWER SWITCH MUST BE ON FOR SYSTEM TO BE OPERABLE. 1. When a station calls in, press the selector button corresponding to the lit LED. 2. To speak to the person at the remote station, press the TALK button (or pick up the handset). Release TALK button to hear reply. Communication via the handset is VOX (voice actuated). 3. If the extra contacts are used as shown in the "camera call-up" diagram, activating a device that is to remain on for the duration of the call, the station's relay will stay activated as long as the selector button is depressed. 4. If the extra contacts are used as shown in the "selective door release" diagram, press the "door release" button while the selector button is depressed. This will activate the corresponding relay as long as the button is being held, which will activate the door release mechanism. 5. If both functions are used on a channel, the device connected to the "constant closure" relay will be on for the duration of the call. The "momentary closure" will only be active when the door release button is pressed. 6. When the conversation is completed, press the OFF button to the left of the station selector button. Hang up handset. SPECIFICATIONS Power Source: 12V DC at master. Use PS-1225UL. For additional information about this system, please refer to the LAF-C/CA instructions. Commun. Output: 800mW at 20 ohms Communication: Push-to-talk, release-to-listen (TALK button) or VOX handset at master. Hands free at sub station. Calling: Master to sub: By voice only Sub to master: Call button on sub activates tone and LED at master. LED remains lit for 20 seconds, and tone is momentary. Wiring: 2 conductors homerun to sub station (single-master system only), or loop multi-conductor with 2 common + 1 individual wire per sub station on wire run. Separate 2 conductor from RY-PA to external device. Shielded cable is recommended. Use Aiphone #822202 (2 cond., 22AWG) or #822203 (3 cond., 22AWG) wire. Wiring Distance: 650' with 22AWG; 1,600' with 18AWG. Pg. 2 LDF Instr. 1103BKJS