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PDF OCR Transcript: 833561 0890 € 833561 0890 @ AIPHONE VIDEO ENTRY SECURITY SYSTEM Models; M Y -U Main video monitor) M Y H -U (Sub video monitor) INSTALLATION MANUAL (Main video monitor)

  • .. NAMES AND FUNCTIONS Mounting accessories; Screw (x4): 4 mm dia. x 25 Wood screw (x4): 4.1 mm dia. x 22 MY-U MYH-U Video monitor (CRT 4") 2 Video monitor button 3 Brightness control 4 Contrast switch 21.7 N SYSTEM FEATURES ** .....: %.
  • Can be combined with the following Aiphone intercom systems; SYSTEM DOOR STATIONS VIDEO (MY-DA, -DB) AUDIO (IE-series) NO. OF ROOM STATIONS IE-1AD(U) IE-1GD(U) IE-2AD(U) TD-H 3 3 5~23
  • Allows visual identification of the visitor before answering the intercom. All monitors come on after the call button is pressed. CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) camera with infrared LED's on MY-DA, DB door station. (the infrared allows you to see clearly even in the dark). 2-conductor (parallel) wiring system between the video door station and the inside video monitor. MY-U/MYH-U employ 4-inch direct view, flat screen monitor. Monitor button allows you to activate the outside camera from one of the inside stations. Room-to-room communication without leakage to door station. Using MYW-P3 video adaptor, MY-U system can be expanded into a video entry security/surveillance system with max. two video door stations and two cameras.
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  • Operation; © Do not hold the hook switch down while using the handset. The chime tone sounds through the receiver in the handset and could cause hearing damage. Installation; 2 Never connect any terminals on the units to an AC power line. When mounting the MY-U/MYH-U units in place of an existing bell or chime, be sure to disconnect all wires from the present transformer. Do not open the front cover of MY-U/MYH-U units, without first unplugging the PS-18N power supply from the AC outlet. IMPORTANT: To avoid the possibility of noise when communicating with the door station, be sure to ground the G-terminal of the PS-18C/D power supply. The same holds true with the MY-U/MYH-U G-terminals, to avoid electric shock or miss-operation. 5 Do not drop or apply any undue shock to the unit which may damage the picture tube. 6 Avoid running the connecting wires through doors, windows or in areas that may cause pinching or disconnect. © The MY-U/MYH-U units must be installed in as dry and dust-free an environment as possible. Installation location requirements; ® Do not install MY-U/MYH-U video monitors in a place where they are directly exposed to; direct sunlight, water, air conditioner, heater, chemicals, frost, iron dust, vapor, etc. © Determine the installation height so that the center of the MY-U/MYH-U video monitors will be at the convenient eye level: adults' average height minus 100 mm (4"). * Power supply requirements; 10 When more than three video monitors are installed, additional power supply is required, as shown below. MY-U main video monitor must be used ALWAYS with IE room station: IE-1AD (U), IE-1GD (U) or IE-2AD (U). Adult's average height minus 100 mm (4") u DOOR ROOM1 MY-U MYH-U MYH-U MYH-U MYH-U MYH-U (PS-18C/D Do not connect + terminal between the MYH-U No.3 & 4, or between Nos. 7 & 8, if installed. Remove the impedance-matching connector on all video monitors except on the farthest MYH-U.
  • Maintenance; 11. Clean the MY equipment with a soft cloth dampened with neutral household cleaner. Never use thinner, lacquer, benzine, etc.
  • 2 – . PONENTS SVOS SYSTEM (MAIN ROOM STATION) COMPONENTS QUANTITY PER SYSTEM IE-1AD(U) IE-1GD(U) IE-2AD(U) ENTRANCE (AUDIO/VIDEO) MY-DA: Video door station w/plastic cover. MY-DA MY-DB 1 pce 1 pce 1 pce : exw
  • COX0:09 Showroom Sopo aceae2020. 0 ARARARAAN ... lowoda MY-DB: -do-, w/brown anodized aluminum cover. S JE-DA IE-DC 9 FASHION PEOPLE odce ENTRANCE (AUDIO) IE-DA: Door station, w/plastic cover surface mt. (brown). IE-DAW: -do-, surface mt. (white). IE-NC: -do-, semi-flush mount. IE-DC: -do-, surface mount. IE-JA: -do-, flush-mount, w/stainless steel cover. IE-FY: -do-, w/aluminum cover. 882292 1 pce IE-NC IE-JA : 3 54 recognizing vom XXAKSAMA W Xy3 ROOM Main room station: IE-DAW IE-1AD(U) 1 pce IE-1GD(U) 1 pce IE-2AD(U) 1 pce MY-U, Main video monitor. 1 pce 1 pce 1 pce . . . IEH-1CD, Sub room station. 2 pcs 2 pcs XXX W BODO WW: . . N ON & MYH-U, Sub video monitor. 2 pcs 2 pcs IE-1 AD(U) + MY-U POWER SUPPLY Power supply adaptor. DC 18V, 2A PS-18C, AC110 ~ 125V, 50/60Hz. PS-18D, AC220~240V, 50/60Hz. PS-18S, AC127V, 60Hz. 1 pce 1 pce 1 pce E-1GD(U) + MY-U OPTIONS IER-2, Call extension speaker. 1 pce 1 pce 1 pce EL-9S, Electric door release, AC 12V, 350mA (requires a separate bell transformer). 1 pce 1 pce 1 pce MBW-A, Built-in back box for IE/MY parallel installation. 3 pcs 3 pcs IE-2AD(U) + MY-U NOTES; (1) MYH-U sub video monitor(s) and IEH-1CD sub room station(s) are optional. (2) Both IE main room station and MY-U must be powered by a single PS-18C/D power supply (i.e. IE intercom must not be powered by a bell transformer). (3) IER-2 is an extension speaker of chime call tone only w/adjustable 3-level volume switch.
  • 3 - INSTALLATION TILT upit LMTA uptt TIE- E UL DEO LED TESTUUT MY-U CHASSIS INSIDE VIEW | A2] : for. video signal. B1, B2] : for video signal. : for power supply. : for output control. : for input control. : for audio signal. : for detecting calling at IE-DA, etc. intercom door station. : for common line (grounding). : Grounding MYH-U CHASSIS INSIDE VIEW All , A2] : for video signal. B1], B2 ] : for video signal. : for power supply. : for input contorl. : for output control. :: :: . ::: : .. : MY-U/MYH-U FRONT CASE TWO GANG BOX CENTERS MOUNTING GUIDE SINGLE-GANG BOX 2-GANG BOX -SCREW CHASSIS INTERCOM SINGLE-GANG BOX 2-GANG BOX SCREW(x4) Push BRACKET CONNECTOR 2.. 2 2 Push D=117.5mm (4-5/8") for IE-1AD(U) D=127.5mm (5-1/32") for IE-1GD(U) & 1E-2AD(U) Install the intercom station first and then the video monitor. Attach the bracket to a single-gang box and mount the IE intercom. To mount the MY-U/MYH-U, remove the top screw in the case, and separate front case from the chassis, pushing the bottom, right of front case upward, then the left side of the case to the right, and removing the connector. Attach the chassis to a 2-gang box and reattach the front case.
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  • 13) Surface-mount MY-U/MYH-U FRONT CASE SCREW CHASSIS E INTERCOM SCREWING POINTS Decide the mounting points of both the IE intercom and the MY-U/MYH-U video monitors. Install the intercom first and then the monitors. Separate the front case and chassis in the same manner as explained in (2), and attach the chassis to the wall. On concrete walls use anchoring bolts, and on plaster board use board fasteners at the four pre-arranged mounting points. SCREW'( S CABLE INLETS CONNECTOR MY-U/MYH-U Line A IE-1GD(U) IE-2AD(U) JEH-1CD V-cut Cut a hole 95 mm (3-3/4") high by 215 mm (8-1/2") wide and 40 mm (1-9/16") deep into the wall. Position the MBW-A box in the wall, with the V-cut in the upper posi tion, so that line A crosses vertically with the floor. MBW-A (1) IE-1 AD(U)/MY-U system; DOOR ROOM Video door station Main room station with video monitor (1E-1AD(U) & MY-U MY-DA, MY-DB Use a 2-straight conductor cable. Coaxial cable can not be used. A1 A1 Non-polarized A2 A2 MY-U On PS-18C/D G terminal, take earth to avoid the possibility of noise while communicating with door station. Power supply B2 Connect power supply wires +, - from each MY-U and IE-1 AD(U) separately. PPBER PEBEO|| U1 U2 Grounded D1 Cail extension Door release IER-2 rounded ( EL-9S Bell transformer (AC12V, 350 mA) Non-polarised НАС 1E-1AD(U) – 5 – : DOOR ROOM 1 ROOM 2 ROOM 3 ROOM 4 www. (main) Somma (sub) (sub) Main Sub Sub (IEH-1CD/MYH-U TE-1GD(U/MY-U IEH-1 CD/MYH-U) Video door station (MY-DA, DB) MY-U AT Non-polarized MYH-U MYH-U MYH-U FRONT CASE INSIDE VIEW A111 Power supply 2 Impedance-matching connector
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    ...--.-.-. Door release (EL-9S PLUG REMOVED PLUG ATTACHED Q500500000 20000OOOO Grounded Bell transformer (AC12V, 350 mA) AC Call extension ( IER-2 1 Use a 2-straight conductor cable. Coaxial cable can not be used. On PS-18C/D G terminal, take earth to avoid the possibility of noise while communicating with door station. C Connect IER-2 to C, E terminals on any room station convenient. IEH-1CD IEH-1CD Non-polarized Connect power supply wires +, - from each MY-U and IE-1GD(U) separately. IE-1GD(U) · 5 Impedance-matching plug In 2- or 3-monitor system, leave the plug attached only at the farthest monitor.
  • 6 (3) IE-2AD(U)/MY-U system; ROOM 1 ROOM 2 ROOM 3 ROOM 4 DOOR 1 (audio/video) faudiovide DOOR 2 (audio) (main) (sub) (sub) Sub Sub Main IE-2AD(U)/MY-U ) IEK-1CD/MYH-U (IEH-1 CD/MYH-U Video door station ( MY-DA, DB) MY-U chama Non-polarized BAHASA IA2 MYH-U MYH-U B1 A1 Power supply FAI||B1 A2B2 MYH-U FRONT CASE INSIDE VIEW B2 A2 af4065 Impedance-matching connector GND Grounded Door release CEL-9S PLUG REMOVED PLUG ATTACHED Grounded 0000600000000000000 AC Door station (IE-DA, etc. Bell transformer (AC12V, 350 mA) E 1 Call extension ( IER-2 'Non-polarized E2 T Use a 2-straight conductor cable. Coaxial cable can not be used. C
  • On PS-18C/D G terminal, take earth to avoid the possibility of noise while communicating with door station. IEH-1CD IEH-1CD Non-polarized IE-2AD(U) Connect IER-2 to C, E terminals on any room station convenient. Connect power supply wires +, - from each MY-U and IE-2AD(U) sparately. Impedance-matching plug In 2- or 3-monitor system, leave the plug attached only at the farthest monitor. AM SPECIFICATIONS Power source: DC 18V, supplied by PS-18C/D power supply. Current consumption: MY-U MYH-U MY-U & 2 MYH-U In standby mode 0.05A OA 0.05A In operating mode 0.8A 0.4A 1.6A CRT (Cathode Ray Tube): 4 inch CRT, direct view and flat type. Scanning line: 525 lines. Communication: Simultaneous with intercom handset. Calling: Electronic chime. Wiring: 2 wires (non-polarized) between MY-DA, DB and MY-U. 6 wires between MY-U/MYH-U and MYH-U. 6 wires between room stations (2 for door release included). 3 wires between MY-U and IE-2AD(U). Maximum wiring distance: For audio/video: (1) Between MY-DA/DB & MY-U; | AWG | 22AWG | 18AWG Distance 165' L 330' / 1.0 mm Diameter Distance 1 0.65 mm 50 m 100 m M: MY-U, S: MYH-U, PS: PS-18C, PS-18D (2) Between MY-U & the farthest MYH-U; a: When one MYH-U is included; AWG 22AWG 18AWG 1 Diameter Distance 115' L 245' Distance : 0.65 mm 35 m 1.0 mm 75 m ss 45 m b. When two MYH-U are included; AWG 22AWG | 18AWG | Diameter 0.65 mm 1.0 mm Distance 55' 145' | Distance 17 m Note; (1) The distance of 75 m/245' is secured with 1.0 mm dia./18AWG when wire on +, – terminals are doubled (when two MYH-U are included). (2) MYH-U operating voltage range is from 15.5V to 19.1V. In any wiring, secure 15.5V so as to be applied to MYH-U. (3) Between MY-U & PS-18C/D; 5m/16' with 1.0 mm dia./18AWG. Dimensions; MY-U & MYH-U; (H x W x D) 155 x 210 x 50 (mm) (6-1/8" x 8-1/4" x 1-15/16") Weight: MY-U ; Approx. 1.2 kg (2.65 lbs.) MYH-U; Approx. 1.1 kg (2.43 lbs.) ఊడదని నిర్భంధకంఠత లలలలలలలలలలలలలలలలలలసీటీటీవీలపీపీపీపీపీపీపీపీలు WARRANTY Aiphone warrants its products to be free from defects of material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year after delivery to the ultimate user and will repair free of charge or replace at no charge, should it become defective upon which examination shall disclose to be defective and under warranty. Aiphone reserves unto itself the sole right to make the final decision whether there is a defect in materials and/or workmanship; and whether or not the product is within the warranty. This warranty shall not apply to any Aiphone product which has been subject to misuse, neglect, accident, or to use in violation of instructions furnished, nor extended to units which have been repaired or altered outside of the factory. This warranty does not cover batteries or damage caused by batteries used in connection with the product. This warranty covers bench repairs only, and any repairs must be made at the shop or place designated in writing by Aiphone. Aiphone will not be responsible for any costs incurred involving on site service calls. కీమణానికొకొరొకొకొకొరొండాంల్యాణాళిద్యాభ్యాణానిధ్యానిగారోగ్యాణాళిద్యార్థుల బ్యాంగ్యాంగ్యభాగంగాధంలాగాంధవ్యంతో Aiphone Co., Ltd., Nagoya, Japan INTERCOM SYSTEMS Aiphone Corporation, Bellevue, WA, USA pogogasagaga pagsasanay ON AIPHONE MY-U-IM(E) 0890E HOME, BUSINESS, INDUSTRY Printed in Japan (E)
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