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PDF OCR Transcript: 83154100 0595 U AIPHONE VY Series Pan Tilt VIDEO ENTRANCE CALL SYSTEM Models: VY-SEM (5-call) VY-10EM (10-call) INSTALLATION & OPERATION MANUAL INTE...HIIE EHI111.EPINIUIFI. UHLII. III. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFREI...ILLIE 10.III .IIII...HIHIR.HREE II .IIIIIEEEH . ...HIERO 11.WILL .III ... . .. ... .... INI O IR IEIUNIEI. CONTENTS 1 SYSTEM OUTLINE & COMPONENTS. 2 NAMES & FEATURES ...... 3 PRECAUTIOS ON INSTALLATION & WIRING 4. WIRING.............................. 5 MOUNTING ...... 6 OPERATIONS on VY-EM AND MY.... 7 TECHNICAL PRECAUTIONS.... 8 SPECIFICATIONS.. .............................. . ................. IIIIIIII...IIIIIII..IIIIIIIIIII....EEIII..EIIEIII.IEFEI...IIIIB III .............. ..........4 ............11 ~ 12 ...........13 ................. WIIIII............NIHIIREM....... ......... ....... ........IIIIII...III .II.III. 아이가 IIIIN...ISIERI .IIIIII I IIIIIN............. ......................................... ..............................IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII ............... 1 SYSTEM OUTLINE AND COMPONENTS System outline The VY-EM Series is a 5- or 10-call Pan Tilt entrance-call panels. Residential monitor MY-1CD or MY-2CD may be installed in conjunction with VY-RVU adaptors. or MYH-2CD (2) MY-1HD MY-1CD MY-2CD DO00 5 6 6 6 6 Package contents VY-10EM MY-DS wide-angle, surface VY-RVU • 5-, 10-call entrance panel (VY-5EM, VY-10EM) • Back box • Packet of screws • Tamper-proof screwdriver • Directory card • Directory opener • Installation & Operation Manual or 3 pairs + 5 pairs for indiv. call, separate sheathed Components available VY-5EM VY-10EM VY-10U VY-RVU PS-24N VYK-A20, 30, 40 | | Junction bar, 20-call 10-call 10-call add-on 5-call entrance panel Residential adaptor Power supply W463 30-call STALKER 40-call -1 I Components available • Residential monitor MY-1CD MY-2CD MYH-2CD MY-1HD PS-180/18C 1-room monitor 3-room monitor 18V DC power SON 00000 100000 ALICHIWUM CIUC GUSTUS techniky *Supplied power from VY-RVU Main Sub Handset sub

  • Required for ea. MY-2CD 2 NAMES AND FEATURES VY-10EM Residence directory VY-EM consists of CCD camera / intercom & 5 or 10 direct call key entrance panels. One to three VY-100 add-on panels can be united with junction bar VYK-A20~40, and mounted on back boxes assembled. CCD camera Residence call button 00000000 000000 Speaker Surface-mount box (B-VY10) is available for VY-5/10EM. Mic. | Mic. System Occupied LED
  • Features Pan Tilt Video Entrance-Call system, 5 to max. 40-call 1 to max. 3 video entries 3-pair trunkage, VY-RVU adaptor to adaptor and individual call wires separately jacketed Choice of MY-1CD single-room or MY-2CD 3-room monitor Communication secrecy, single-channel Door release system MY-1CD MY-2CD Video monitor (4" CRT)
  • Video monitor (4" CRT) Chime VR control Door release Door release Call annunciator LED All room call Pan Tilt control pad PanTilt control pad 000 Backlight control Monitor I Contrast Brightness Backlight control Speaker for call Monitor tone/voice Five switches from left: * Reset, SW1, contrast, brightness & call tone volume
  • See page 9 for SW1 setting. Residential door station, Pan Tilt or wide-angle MY or IE/IF audio Sub monitor(s) MYH-2CD or sub handset(s) MY-1HD
  • No separate power supply required -2 RECAUTIONS ON INSTALLATION & WIRING A CAUTION
  • Do not connect any terminal on any unit to AC power lines to prevent fire or unit damage.
  • High voltage is present on the monitor unit inside. Do not open MY room monitor without first unplugging the power supply, to prevent electric shock.
  • Do not attempt to install or connect wires on VY-EM nor MY equipment while system's power supply is plugged in.
  • MY monitors and related equipment, except door station, are designed for indoor use only. Do not install outdoors.
  • Do not connect any other power supply than specified on +, - on VY-EM and MY monitor. Doing so can damage the equipment. IMPORTANT * For system's installation, there is no need to disassemble the equipment. Do not open any VY-EM system components unless properly qualified.
  • Any other manufacturer's products installed with this system (door release, external signalling device, etc.) are not covered under Aiphone's warranty.
  • Do not mount VY and MY equipment in the following places, as it may cause the system to malfunction: • High or extreme cold temperature areas: under direct sunlight, near equipment that varies in temperature, in front of air-conditioner, inside a refrigerated area, etc. • Places subject to moisture or humidity extremes. • Places subject to environmental conditions, such as dust, oil, chemicals, etc.
  • VY/MY are an electrical devices, which must not be subjected to water, or any other liquid.
  • Weather conditions, such as lightning storms, may cause damage to VY-EM equipment. We recommend that power surge protection be installed as follows: (However, this does not guarantee that no damage will occur). • If the power supply has a GROUND terminal, take it to an earth ground. In this case, a separate surge arrester is not necessary. . Before actually installing the VY-EM & MY system, the contents on pages 4 ~ 12 must be thoroughly read and understood. -3 4 WIRING Terminal block layout VY-EM terminal block Trunk line to VY-RVUS Unconnected CCD camera speaker/mic. unit 10-call button unit RAZ DA1 DA2 DB1 DB2 RL+ RL R+ oboboboleeloooooeeeee de lo@beleeeeeeeeeee 24V +1 X Unconnected TI VY-10EM chassis inside 6P connector Impedance-matching connector RL+ • For wiring to VY-EM entrance panels DA1 , DA2 : Video signal DB1 , DB2: Video signal DL+ , DL- : Door release control (for 2~3 VY-EM's) - : Power supply (DC24V) , XE : system control (for 2-3 VY-EM's) , EL : Door release connection b , be : Illumination/light control • For Wiring to residential VY-RVU'S RA1 , RA2 : Video signal , RL- ; Door release control R+ , R- ; Power supply ~ 10 : Individual calling, separately sheathed
  • VY-100 add-on panel has the same terminal block, allowing to run another trunk cable. I Laying out the system • Cable Use twisted pair cable 1.0 - 1.2mm dia., 18 ~ 16AWG for trunkage line. If it contains extra pairs, those must be terminated with a 120 12 resistor at both ends. As to individual call wires, use the same but separately jacketed twisted pair cable, in which unused pairs may remain unterminated
  • 4 • Trunkage VY-EM system may have one or multiple trunk cable run to VY-RVU residential adaptors, each trunk installing any number of VY-RVU's as required. VY-10U has the same terminal block as on VY-EM, allowing to start another trunk cable run. 100m w/1.2mm 330/16AWG
  • Run trunk line from the VY-EM which is installed nearest to VY-RVU'S RVU RVU RVU PS 100m w/1.2mm 330'/16AWG PS 100m W/1.2mm 330'/16AWG V W Y V 25m/ U 1.2mm 80/16AWG RVU RVU RVU RVU RVU RVU BVU No.10 3 2 No.1 No.11 12 13 14 RVURVURVURVU -- RVU RVU RVU RVU PS 100m w/1.2mm 330/16AWG 100m w/1.2mm 330'/16AWG 100m w/1.2mm 330/16AWG 100m w/1.2mm 330/16AWG PS • Impedance-matching on VY-EMVY-10U
  • VY-10U VY-10EM VY-EM & VY-100 add-on are equipped with terminating connector. When system has more than one VY-EM panels and with VY-10U, plug off at all those panels, except on the last VY-EM or VY-10U from which trunk cable is run. Connector VY-10EM Trunk VY-10U FJ (last) OD Attached Attached VY-100 (last) Attached • Impedance-matching on VY-RVU VY-EM On the last VY-RVU adaptor on a trunk cable(s), set the 4 switches to all upper ON position. Set all sw. to ON position. VY-RVU VY-RVU I Wiring to door release (on each VY-EM) VY-EM entrance call panel provides dry contact closure for door release.
  • Door release of other manufacture can be used in conjunction with Aiphone's MAW-B relay, powered by VY-EM's PS-24N. VY-10EM VY-10EM Door release EL-9S 11 Orange White EL EL pe Orange Orange White MAW-B Orange Blue Black Red(+) (-) Red +) 12V AC, 0.35A AC transformer PT-1210N AC transformer PS-24N Lighting control at VY-EM entrance VY-10EM VY-EM panel also provides dry contact closure for illuminating incandescent lamps for general lighting of less than 100W. It turns on when the VY-EM placed a call, activating the room monitor. PS-24N Red(+) Black(-) Orange White MAW-B Orange Blue Blue be
  • 6 - Trunkage wiring Trunkage VY-10EM 3 pairs 1 2 VY-RVU 3 4 .......... 10 YES NEVER PS 5 pairs Indiv, call wire xa to next VY-RVU's For 20~40-call entrance panels, 1. Unite VY-EM and VY-10U(S) each with plug-in connectors, except on the last VY-10U. (See page 12.) 2. Remove all impedance-matching connectors, except on the last VY-10U. (See page 5.) 3. VY-100 is equipped with the same terminal block layout as per diagram below. Run a 2nd trunk cable and max. 5-twisted pair cable, separately sheathed. to VY-10EM" tec VY-RVU VY-RVU VY-RVU VY-RVU VY-RVU VY-10EM badoo ЗР PS-24N to ea. C terminal VY-RVU Wiring distance * VY-EM ~ Residential monitor (farthest) 1.0mm 80m 18AWG 260' 1.2mm 100m 16AWG 330'
  • Run 3-twisted pair cable to VY-RVU's without reconnections. As to direct-key 1 ~ 10-call wire, run max. 5-twisted pair, separately sheathed. Observe pairing terminals as shown above. Secure 100m/$1.0 (330'/18AWG) with reinforced wires on R+, R Diam. Distance AWG Distance * VY-EM - PS-24N Diameter Distance AWG Distance 1.2mm 10m 16AWG 35 1.6mm 20m 14AWG 65
  • 7 - IVY-EM more than 100m (330') application When VY-EM has distant installation of a VY-RVU area more than 100 – 300m (330' - 980') away, use an MYW-BA and a specified 1-pair video cable out of 3-pair trunk. A PS-24N is additionally required for the VY-RVU's. VY-EM Specified 50m/ $1.0 or 1.2 MYW-BA VY-RVU Specified HA1 BORAX Specified RA1 A1 _MY-1CD MY-2CD 1P (spec.) & 2P 25m/ 1.2 MYW-BA K B1 RA2 A2 B2 RA1 RA2 RL+ PS-18D(C) RL+ RL HALA RL 3 cables R+ R+ R R 1P (spec.) & 2P PS18 PS18 A 8 MY-2CD PS-24N VY-RVU PS18 3P A MY-2CD VY-RVU Y"MY-1CD sp UIAL PS-18D(C) 3P 300m/ 1.2 PS-24N 20m 2 cables L 100m/ 1.2 EDS-24N PS-24N VY-EM 20-call One pair for video, specified West Penn D990 (in USA) or equivalent • Impedance: 90ohm • Permitted closed loop DC resistance: 9.9 ohm or less • Non-PVC insulation plus 2 pairs (R+ unconnected), separarately sheathed. PS-18 : PS-18YC or PS-18C. PS-18YD or PS-18D 2 *1P(specified) 2P(audio, trunk) 5P(indiv. call) 3P(trunk) 5P(indiv. call) separate Residential monitor MY-1CD VY-RVU MY-1CD to next VY-RVYU MY-1CD VY-RVU 00001 18V DC is supplied from VY-RVU.
  • Run 6-conductor cable, twisted or non-twisted to MY-1CD. Take SG terminal to earth, which may help to eliminate noise from +, – lines. I Wiring distance VY-RVU ~ Residential monitor Diameter 1.0mm 1.2mm Distance 20m 25m AWG 18AWG 16AWG Distance The distance is doubled with reinforced wires on +, 65' 80' -8 Residential monitor MY-2CD to next VY-RVYU MY-2CD MYH-2CD MYH-2CD non-twisted VY-RVU don PS18 V MÝ-1HD MY-2CD requreis additonal 2 wires for residential door. MY-2CD MYH-2CD MYH-2CD VY-RVU 00000 ...! COMIS HY-1HD A1 A2 1A2 B2 Lt MY-CA А 1 PS18 A2 TDPH (to audio door)
  • PS-18D, PS-18C IF-DA SW1 setting MYH-2CD or MY-1 HD 1 station 2 station 3 station MY-2CD B в B (*) MYH-2CD or MY-1HD
  • А | A () (*) MY-2CD B:VY system. () MYH-2CD A: Terminated, B : high-impedance
  • Run 6 conductor cable twisted or non-twisted to MY-2CD. Residential door station can be either PanTilt, wide-angle or audio only. Take G terminal to earth on PS-18D (18C), which may help to eliminate noise from +, - lines. Connect A1, A2 on VY-RVU to 4-tone chime receive terminals 1A1, 1A2 on MY-2CD. I Wiring distance VY-RVU - Residential monitor Diameter 1.0mm 1.2mm Distance 20m 25m AWG 18AWG 16AWG Distance 80' * The distance is doubled with reinforced wires on +, -9 65' I 2-3 Entrance Call Panels VY-10EM 1 VY-RVU 1 VY-10EM of ЗР VY-RVU 1 2.........10 1 2..........10 2 ...........10 .........10 PS PS PS 5 pairs to 5 pairs In either 2 or 3 VY-EM configuration, the wiring between VY-EM's can be accomplished with the same types of wires: 3 twisted pairs trunk, and separate jacketed indiv. call lines. VY-10EM VY-10EM VY-10EM 00000000 00000000 08888 90000 S DB1 DAT -DB1 DA1 TO VY-RVU DB2 DA23P Trunkage Each call receive c terminal popo
  • PS-24NEL EL||| PS-24NEL EL PS-24N EL EL
  • The distance between VY-EM(any) and farthest monitor MY-1CD or MY-2CD should not exceed 100m with 1.2mm dia. (330' w/16AWG). – 10– 5 MOUNTING Mounting location Pan/tilt viewing area shown by dotted line VY-EM entrance call panel employs CCD camera with infrared LEDs, and its performance can be affected with the environmental lighting conditions. 28cm (11") *--210cm (6'10")--- For best results, observe the followings: ----182cm (6) Lo 90cm (36") -it- 151 CUI VY-EM Camera center 150cm (5) ----131cm (4'3") 1.--.120cm (4") 11cm (4")

  1. Decide the height of camera, referring to the image viewing area, as shown right. 2. VY-EM panel does not face light-emitting sources or direct sunlight, coming directly into camera lens. 3. VY-EM panel, while holding weather-resistency, should not be exposed to direct rain, etc. (Protection with hood, etc. should be considered).
  2. Ocm 50cm (20") I Mounting VY-5EM or VY-10EM panel Ocm VY-EM consists of 3 components: front panels, chassis & back box. VY-EM panel flush-mounts on back box in the wall. 109°
  3. CEL--- -----50cm (20) 1 34cm (13") 72cm (29") 34cm (13") 4 wood screws 140cm (4'7") Panel frames Wall 2 tamper proof screws Viewing area of camera remaining in still position. 2 screws VY-10EM Camera unit Back box panel Back box VY-5EM, VY-10EM is measured (H x W x D): 240 x 250 x 62 (mm) 9-7/16" x 9-7/8" x 2-7/16" Chassis 4 screws(4)
  4. The hole should have a space of at least 3mm, 1/8" on both sides. 2 tamper-proof screws 2 screws
  5. Disassemble 2 front panels, unscrewing 4 tamper screws on the panel frames. 2. Disconnect front panels, unplugging connectors from the chassis. 3. Mount the chassis on back box at 4 points. (screws are supplied) 4. Make wire terminations on the terminal block according to the wire color codes prearranged.
  6. Plug off matching connector on all middle call button panels. 5. Reconnect front panels, and remount to the chassis. assis on bacunplugging ing 4 tamper xat 4 pointectors from them the panel frame IVY-RVU residential adaptor VY-RVU can be mounted with 83.5mm, 3-5/16" guide. The adaptor operates with its housing getting warm, which is a normal occurrence.
  7. When running intercom cables, maintain a distance of at least 2 feet (60cm) from any AC wiring, fluorescent lighting, and dimmer switches. -11 Assembling VY-10U (1 ~ 3) panels to VY-EM Back box assembled VY-5EM or VY-10EM with VY-10U panel(s), are made up for 15 to max. 40-call entrance panel. Back box dimensions Chassis united / VY station High | Wide Deep VY-10EMN 2 VY-5EM, VY-10EM 250 mm 10 feet Leave unconnected 390 mm 16 feet VY-10EM + 1 VY-10U 20-call 240 mm VY-10EM + 2 VY-100 | 10 feet 30-call 62 mm 3 feet 530 mm 21 feet (amm Plugged VY-10EM + 3 VY-10U 40-call 670 mm 27 feet Leave unconnected 1 Loosen -- Junction bar
  8. VY-10EM back view
  9. Loosen screws (7) on back of VY-5/10EM chassis. 2. Attach new junction bar (2) VYK-A20 ~ 40, aligning on the ditch. Fasten all screws, on VYK-A plate to unite. 3. On back boxes, before assembly, knock out a hole on each facing side. Attach VY-100 box to VY-EM'S with 2 screws top and bottom. 4. Detach panel frames, using special screwdriver. 5. Loosen panel-fixing screws (6 - 10) and disconnect VY-EM/VY-10U's to separate from chassis. 6. Mount the chassis (assembled) to back box. 7. Reconnect and mount VY-EMNY-10U panels on the chassis. VYK-A20 ( Ditch TT 2
  10. Attach Ditch (INUD B VYK-A20, adjustable
  11. Detach Unite with VYK-A20 newly Assemble back boxes Panel frame
  12. Knock out holes — Loosen O 10 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000 VY-10EM VY-10U – 12 - OPERATIONS on VY-EM and MY - On VY-EM entrance-call panel T Speaker 1 Tooooon GO000000 00000000 20000006 Mic. Momentarily press a residence call When a room station replies, speak to button. the mic, standing in front of panel (within 50cm, 20"). * The channel to VY-EM can be resumed with 5-sec. time-out timer in any operation. On MY-1CD residential monitor Ding-dong Ding-dong 0000 CUINA 2 MY-1CD Chime, 4-tone is activated. Video monitor is turned on with image. Pick up handset, and communicate, Hang up handset. The monitor is turned off. I On MY-2CD residential monitor Chime 0000 Chime Chime When call button is pressed, 4-tone chime sounds, and all monitors are turned on with image. Pick up (any) handset, and communicate. The monitor is turned off upon hanging up. Image viewing area Camera tilts up Pan/tilt viewing While the image is alive on the monitor, operate pan-and-tilting the VY-EM camera pressing the edge of diamond-shaped pad. -180cm, 72" — To left : 72cm 90cm 51cm 20" 36" Pan the camera to WWW The VY-EM camera returns to initial position, after hanging up handset. Down 1 . S V 1 110cm, 43" --
  13. 13 - MY-2CD system - Operates indepently from VY-EM Receiving a call from residential MY-CA MY-CA 00000 Chime sounds in 2-tone, activating all monitors with image. Pick up (any) handset, and communicate. Hang up, and the monitor is turned off.
  14. If the monitor is turned off, press Monitor button once to restore. Pan/tilt monitoring of MY-CA MONITOR Camera pans to right. MONITOR Once Any time Press once Monitor button. Image of MY-CA comes on. Pan-and-tilt the door camera. Press Monitor to turn off. Receiving a call from VY-EM during communication 0000011 Monitor is turned on with chime tone. Hang up handset at both to conclude Repick up handset at answering station.
  15. VY-EM call-in is held for approx. 10 seconds, while MY-2CD is communicating. I Adjustments MY-1CD MY-2CD Chime vol. ... Speaker for call tone . OU . WP Brightness Reset Chime vol. Brightness Contact Contrast SW1 Do not change
  16. 14 - TECHNICAL PRECAUTIONS (System In-use LED)
  17. When system has more than one VY-EM entrance-call panels, see, before use, the Occupied LED is not lit. It invalidates a call. (Incorrect calling)
  18. When a call button of another suite, is pressed during communication, it disconnects the line present, and rings that station. On the VY-EM panel, see the Occupied LED goes off, and the initial suite station can be called again. (Video monitoring)
  19. MY-1CD or MY-2CD residential monitors are not capable of monitoring VY-EM. Only when called, pan-and-tilting Vy camera is operable.
  20. On MY-2CD system only, MY-CA camera (and MY-DS wide-angle) can be activated for monitoring and pan/tilt scanning its entry. (Call-in timer)
  21. 45 seconds for call-in from VY-EM (With 5 sec. time-out timer) (Communication timer)
  22. 2-1/2 minutes for room-to-VY-EM (MY-CA) communication. (With 5 sec. time-out timer) To resume, press MONITOR button while communicating. Repick up if handset is placed. (Door release)
  23. When key-marked button is held down, the white line may appear on the monitor, which is a temporal occurrence. Terminating the unused pairs in trunk cable Reconnect
  24. Unused pairs in the trunk cable, must be terminated by a 120 ohm resistor at both ends for clearer video transmit lines. 12022 VY-EM w XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx ХХХХХ ХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХ good food food 1201 wa w a xxxxxxxx x xxx Leave disconnected VY-RVU 1 1 1 boxoorxxxx xxxood bacoox/xxxxxx Xxxcxxxxxxxxxxx scooodoodlewood Ooooooxx.xx.xxxx xxxood locaux xxx (Operating temperature) The VY-EM is rated to operate at temperatures between -10°C and 60°C (14°F and 140°F). When the outside temperature lowers rapidly, the lens may fog up slightly, causing a blurry picture at the inside monitor. The ventilation openings will allow the moisture to evaporate, and the picture will return to normal. Cleaning the VY-EM equipment Clean VY-EM and MY-1CD/MY-2CD with a soft and dry cloth. When the soil is not easily cleaned, the cloth may be dampened with neutral household cleanser. Never use any abrasive cleaner or cloth. * Keep direct forceful rain or water away from the front of VY-EM, is spite that the units are designed
  26. Power source * Current consumption: 24V DC. Install a PS-24N power supply at each VY-EM. VY-EM 1.4A 0.15A Max. Standby 2nd or 3rd VY 0.19A 0.15A VY-10U 0.075A OA
  27. Station capacity 1~3 YY-EM entrance call stations 1 ~ 3 VY-100 add-on panels, 10-call 5 - 40 MY-1CD and/or MY-2CD residential monitors Camera unit CCD camera, with infrared LEDs Scanning line 525 lines Type of monitor MY-1CD or MY-2CD w/Pan Tilt pad Calling Electronic chime, 4 or 2-tone (from resid. door) Communication Single-channel, non-open communication Door release system VY-EM has EL, EL dry-contact closure for door strike (Capacity: Max. AC 24V, 50mA. Max. DC 24V, 250mA). Activation by key-mark button on communicating MY monitor Wiring & distance Use twisted pair cable for trunk 1.0mm 18AWG 1.2mm 16AWG VY-EM to residence area (VY-RVU's) 3 pairs + 1 / resid. 80m 260' 100m 330 Between VY-EM'S 3 pairs + 1 / resid. Within the specified distance VY-RVU to MY-1CD or MY-2CD 6 cond. (parallel) 20m 65 25m 80' See pages 5 ~ 11 wiring section for each system configuration. The distance VY-RVU to monitor is doubled with reinforced wires on +, -. Dimensions (H x W x D) & weight VY-5EM, VY-10EM 2.0Kg. (4.41 lbs.) 280 x 290 x 90.2 (mm). 11" x 11-1/2" x 3-3/4". 280 x 140 x 90.2 (mm). 11" x 5-1/2" x 3-3/4". 140 x 74 x 42 (mm). 5-1/2" x 3" x 1-1/2". 62 recessed. 2-1/2" recessed 62 recessed. 2-1/2" recessed VY-100 0.8Kg.(1.76 lbs.) VY-RVU 0.25Kg.(0.60 lbs.) This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful inteference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. WARRANTY Aiphone warrants its products to be free from defects of material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of two years after delivery to the ultimate user and will repair free of charge or replace at no charge, should it become defective upon which examination shall disclose to be defective and under warranty. Aiphone reserves unto itself the sole right to make the final decision whether there is a defect in materials and/or workmanship; and whether or not the product is within the warranty. This warranty shall not apply to any Aiphone product which has been subject to misuse, neglect, accident, or to use in violation of instructions furnished, nor extended to units which have been repaired or altered outside of the factory. This warranty does not cover batteries or damage caused by batteries used in connection with the product. This warranty covers bench repairs only, and any repairs must be made at the shop or place designated in writing by Aiphone. Aiphone will not be responsible for any costs incurred involving on site service calls. f ffffff * offen

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