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PDF OCR Transcript: MAINTENANCE INTRODUCTION TO AIRCROW AND STORAGE AirCrow is a trademark of AirCrow, LLC which operates under United States Patent Pending provisions.

  1. Store unit indoors in a clean, dry environment to ensure long life for both the blower and the inflatable. 2. To keep the Blower clean, you can use a dry cloth or a cloth moistened with a neutral solution or water Our invention provides a proven efficient method of harmlessly frightening away unwanted pests, thus preventing them from invading or inhabiting an area such as a garden, an orchard, fruit trees, or other such crops. The unpredictable and erratic life-like movement of the inflatable encourages the pests to seek some other place to feed and rest. to wipe the surface of the Blower. 3. Never clean the Blower by spraying with water. 4. Unplug and store in a dry indoor place unreachable for children when not in use. 5. Periodically remove the attached red elbow and remove any debris that could restrict the air passage. Your new AirCrow blower has a high efficiency motor with state of the art construction for both safety and long life. The conveniently placed handle is designed for easy carrying from one target area to another. Additional SAFETY stability can be obtained by simply tapping in the plastic ground stakes provided with your AirCrow blower. 1)Never place the AirCrow device in close proximity to any heat source or open flame. The inflatable is Your pest deterrent inflatables for the Little Crow BR201(AC) or Black Bird BR232(AC) AirCrow blowers are enclosed. THIS IS NOT A TOY. flammable and could cause a fire and serious injury if not handled properly. 2)Do not operate the blower without the inflatable attached because the blower must have back pressure in order to avoid any damage to the motor. 3)Keep children away from the unit at all times while in operation and/or plugged in. This product is not a toy and should only be used for its intended purpose. 4)Do not put fingers or other objects in any part of the unit while it is in operation and/or plugged in. 5)Do not operate in pooled or accumulated water to avoid electric shock. 6)To prevent electric shock, do not drop unit into water, never plug in or unplug the appliance with wet hands OPERATION/USE or while standing in water. 7)Avoid sands, small rocks and other small objects being sucked in the Blower. 8)To avoid risk of injury, do not direct stream of air at face or body. This blower is intended to be used only with AirCrow inflatable structures and any other use will void the warranty. 9)Outdoor use: while the blower is being operated outdoors, it must be plugged into a grounded G.F.C.I. outlet only. The motor must be kept dry at all times. If the unit becomes wet, turn the electricity off and with the blower in the off position, thoroughly dry the unit before the next operation. 10) Indoor use: use only with a grounded plug. 1) With the unit unplugged, carefully place the AirCrow unit on stable, flat, and dry surface. 11) Never use a cord that has cuts, breaks, or any other apparent damage as harmful, electrical shock may occur. 2) Securely attach the red elbow adapter with the screws and bolts provided but do not over tighten. 12) If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly 3) Snugly attach your AirCrow inflatable tube around the exhaust opening by stretching open the elastic strap. The elastic ring should firmly rest in the recessed area. Do not cover past the retaining ledge. qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. Make sure the power source is sufficient to meet the requirements of the blower (see specifications). 4) Place the blower well away from any flammable material. 5) Plug the cord into a grounded G.F.C.I. outlet only. 6) Place your AirCrow device in close proximity to the area you desire to protect. 7) Turn on the switch to make sure the blower is operating correctly and the inflatable functions properly, taking care to stand clear of the moving inflatable. 8) Reposition the blower as necessary so the inflatable does not strike any limbs, foliage, or fruit. Once you are satisfied with the position, with the blower in off mode, you can stake it securely into the ground. It is recommended that you frequently relocate the position of the AirCrow blower in order to maximize its effect on the pursuing pest. The inflatable will stay cleaner if a tarp is laid down first (not provided). 9) Use of our accessory timer will enhance performance and could extend the useful life of the motor and inflatable (not provided). “The First Scarecrow with Brains” OWNER’S MANUAL Little Crow: Model BR-201A(AC) Blower Black Bird: Model BR-232A(AC) Blower PLEASE READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTION • INTRODUCTION TO AIRCROW • OPERATION/USE • MAINTENANCE AND STORAGE • SAFETY 13) 14) Keep air intakes and exhausts clean at all times to avoid clogging or blocking in order to prevent overheating the unit. Blocking the air intake could result in a fire or electrical hazards. 15) To prevent injury to persons and to avoid objects from coming in contact with the blower wheel, do not remove any screens or safety guards from this unit. Damage in this manner will void your warranty. • WARRANTY • SERVICE • AIRCROW BLOWERS LIMITED WARRANTY 16) Do not operate the unit close to any dangerous areas such as explosive gases, flammables, heaters and unventilated environments that may result in explosions or electrical hazards. 17Ď Do not use any form of speed control device as doing so will void your warranty and may risk injury or fire. 18) Always place the blower on a smooth and level surface for safe operation. • WARNING 19) Frequently clean any debris from the intake and exhaust ports of the blower when the unit is unplugged • CONTACT INFORMATION • SPECIFICATIONS • TROUBLESHOOTING • ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS and in the off position. 20) Do not use unit if defective or damaged. 21) Unplug the unit before performing any maintenance, cleaning, or servicing. 22) The blower and inflatable in operation must be supervised at all times. 23) Any misuse or abuse of this product will void the warranty. 2 3 WARRANTY BLOWER: 6 MONTHS from the original purchase date, we will cover, free of charge, all parts (except cords) and labor by . 4 WARNING TROUBLESHOOTING The use of a 3-prong to 2-prong adapter is strictly prohibited. Once the unit is turned on, you must stand completely out of the inflatable’s reach as it may cause bodily harm. Problem Possible Cause Solution either replacing or repairing. We provide one-way shipping to your location in the 48 contiguous United States using parcel ground service. Customer will pay shipping to our warehouse. Canada and non-contiguous states must pay for freight both ways. When shipping internationally, buyer is responsible for any duties, customs, or CONTACT INFORMATION a) Switch is OFF a) Turn switch ON other fees. AirCrow, LLC Motor Not Running b) Bad outlet b) Check outlet/change to another outlet 647 W. Prien Lake Rd. INFLATABLE: Lake Charles, LA 70601 c) Faulty switch/cord c) Replace switch or cord We will cover, free of charge, any manufacturer defects prior to use. We do not cover any wear from usage. We provide one-way shipping to your location in the 48 contiguous United States using parcel ground service. Customer will pay shipping to our warehouse. Canada and non-contiguous states must pay for freight both ways. When shipping internationally, buyer is responsible for any duties, customs, or other fees. Phone: (337) 478-1883 or (855)856-3840 Fax: (337) 474-0326 E-mail: Website: a) Check for obstruction entering through the intake or exhaust a) Remove obstruction Scraping Noise From Blower b) Check for any pressure against blower housing b) Remove any pressure SERVICE SPECIFICATIONS Weak Air Flow a) Obstructed vents/inlets a) Clean out vents/inlets In order to receive service or replacement parts under warranty, you must: AIRCROW BLOWERS SPECIFICATIONS 1) Contact us before the warranty has expired, 2) Call for return merchandise authorization number, 3) Provide original, legible proof of purchase, and Model BR-201A(AC) BR-232A(AC) Voltage 120V 120V 4) Ship to: Max Air Volume 250CFM 600CFM AirCrow, LLC 647 W. Prien Lake Rd. Lake Charles, LA 70601 BLOWER ELBOW ADAPTER AND BASE ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Amps with back pressure 2.2A 5.5A Max Static Pressure 5" 6.75" Using the 5 screws provided Weight Net/Gr 9.3 Lbs/11.1 Lbs 13.5 Lbs/15.7Lbs attach elbow adapter on Unit Size (LxWxH) 18"x8.7"x13.6" 20.4"x10.2"x16.8” outlet of blower AIRCROW BLOWERS LIMITED WARRANTY Wheel Speed (RPM) 3200 3200 Motor 1/4 HP 1/2 HP COVERS: AirCrow blowers are covered for 6 months from the original date of purchase against defects in material and Attached Cord 6Ft / 18AWG 6Ft / 18AWG craftsmanship when operated under normal intended use. AIRCROW DOES NOT COVER OR WARRANTY: • Any signs of misuse including, but not limited to, abusive handling, tampering, improper voltage use, and/or unauthorized maintenance and repairs. • The inflatable portion of the device except for manufacture defects prior to use. 1) Align blower to inserts of base and lock into place 2) Insert the stakes into the holes of base 5 6 Completed with inflatable