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PDF OCR Transcript: TZUMI® Pocket Juice Charger 6000 mAh Distributed by TZUMI® INC. NY, NY, 10016 ©Copyright 2015 TZUMI® All Rights Reserved. Made In China. CHARGING YOUR PHONE OR OTHER PORTABLE DEVICE 1. Connect the built-in charging cable on the Pocket Juice Charger to your mobile device. 2. You may also charge a second device at the same time. Insert one end of the included Micro USB cable or the original cable that came with your device into the phone. Insert the other end into the USB port of the Pocket Juice Charger. 3. Turn the Power Bank on by pressing the Power ON/OFF button, the charging process will start. Charging time will depend on the type of device. Your device will display the charging progress. 4. When charging is complete, disconnect. Please read the manual in its entirety before using the device. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS NOTE: For best performance, make sure that the Pocket Juice Charger is fully charged. Refer to opposite page for charging instructions. Micro USB Port (Input) Battery Capacity 6000 mAh USB Port (Output) Power ON/OFF Button 4 Indicator Lights (LED) Type Lithium Polymer Input 5 V/1A Output 5 V / 2.1A Micro USB Connector (Output) Folding prongs CHARGING YOUR POCKET JUICE CHARGER Via Wall Outlet: Unfold the prongs and insert into the wall outlet. Via Computer: Using the provided Micro USB cable, connect your Power Bank (Micro USB port) to the computer/laptop (USB port). CHARGING CHART NOTE: Your Pocket Juice Charger comes pre-charged. Depending on a few factors, some of the battery might have discharged during transit. QUICK POWER TEST: Perform the test by pressing on the Power button. The Indicator Lights will illuminate accordingly (see charging chart on right). After 5 seconds, the LEDs will turn off automatically. AB A B NOTE: Once fully charged, the Pocket Juice Charger is able to re-charge most devices several times depending on the battery capacity of the device and the condition and age of the battery. • Do not use this unit for anything other than its intended use. • Keep the unit away from heat source, direct sunlight, humidity, water or any other liquid. • Do not expose the device to extremely high or low temperatures, as it may damage the battery. • Do not operate the unit if it has been wet or moist to prevent against electric shock and/or injury to yourself and damage to the unit. • Do not use the unit if it has been dropped or damaged in any way. 75-100% energy remaining 50-75% energy remaining 25-50% energy remaining 0-25% energy remaining It takes approximately 5-6 hours to fully charge your Pocket Juice Charger (from depleted unit). Once the charging is in progress, the Indicator Lights will illuminate accordingly (see charging chart above). When the charging is complete, all Indicator Lights will remain lit until you disconnect your Pocket Juice Charger from the power supply. IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS • Repairs to electrical equipment should only be performed by a qualified electrician. Improper repairs may place the user at serious risk. • Keep the unit out of reach of children. • This unit is not a toy. BATTERY DISPOSAL: This product contains a lithium polymer battery. Lithium Polymer batteries are environmentally safe when fully discharged. Please refer to your local and state laws for battery disposal procedures. ©Copyright 2015 TZUMI®