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PDF OCR Transcript: -FCC ID: 2ADLJSYNC- HAC Rating: M4 & T3 The device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. 1 SYNC - USER MANUAL -CONTENTS- 1 Turning the Phone On and Off 3 2 Battery charging 3 3 Contacts 4 4 Messaging 4 5 Phone features 4 5.1 Calling 4 5.2 Shortcut dial 4 5.3 Call using the contacts 4 5.4 Call from the call log 4 5.5 Call from the message 4 5.6 Emergency calls 4 5.7 Answer a call 4 5.8 End the call 4 5.9 Call options 4 6 Using the mobile phone memory card as U disk 5 7 WLAN 5 7.1 Open the WLAN and connect to a wireless network 5 7.2 Connect to other WLAN networks 5 8 Bluetooth 5 8.1 Turn on Bluetooth 5 8.2 Matching and connecting Bluetooth headset 6 8.3 Disconnect & unpair the Bluetooth headset connection 6 9 Browser 6 10 Email 6 11 Settings 6 11.1 SIM management- check this copy below to be the same size type as the rest of the manual. 6 11.2 Wireless & networks 6 11.3 Call settings 6 11.4 Audio profiles 7 11.5 Display 7 11.6 Location 7 11.7 Security 7 11.8 Applications 7 11.9 Accounts & sync 7 11.10 Privacy 7 11.11 Storage 7 11.12 Language & keyboard 8 11.13 Voice input & output 8 11.14 Accessibility 8 11.15 Date & time 8 11.16 Schedule power on/off 8 11.17 About phone 8 12 Camera 8 13 Music 8 14 File manager 8 2 -SAFETY & NOTICE- WARNING: Please read the guidelines carefully, improper use may pose danger to the user and/or environment and is therefore illegal; moreover, the manufacturer shall not be held responsible for risks resulting from failure to follow recommendations or improper use of the Smartphone. ● If your phone supports “Flight mode” function, please set the mode before boarding an airplane. If it does not support, please turn off the phone before boarding, since the phone may cause interference to aircraft electronics. Please follow any restrictions on the airplane. ● Switch the device off near fuel stations, chemicals plants, or blasting areas. Keep the device out of reach of children. ● While driving please obey local laws and regulations with regard to Smartphone use. When talking on the phone while driving, please obey the following rules: Concentrate on driving and be aware of traffic conditions; if your Smartphone has a hands-free function, please use it in this mode. Under poor driving conditions, please stop the car before you dial or pick up a call. ● Switch off the phone in hospitals or other facilities/locations where the use of Smartphones is forbidden. The Phone may affect normal working of electronic equipment and medical devices, such as pacemakers, hearing aids and other medical electronic equipment. ● Non-original accessories and components are not provided with repair warranty qualification. ● Please do not disassemble the phone by yourself, if your phone is out of order, please contact your supplier. ● Please do not charge the Smartphone before the battery is installed. Do not short-circuit the battery. ● The Smartphone must be charged in a well ventilated and cool environment, and away from flammable and explosive materials. ● Avoid demagnetization, by keeping the Smartphone away from magnetic material, such as disks, credit card etc. ● Keep the device dry. Precipitation, humidity, and all types of liquids or moisture may contain minerals that will corrode electronic circuits. If your device does get wet, remove the battery, and contact the supplier. ● Do not use the Smartphone in extremely high or extremely low temperature environments, and do not expose the Smartphone to strong sunlight or high humidity. ● Do not use liquids, wet cloth or strong detergent to clean the device. ● This Smartphone provides photograph, video recording and sound recording functions; please follow the relevant laws and regulations in the use of those functions, note unauthorized use may violate laws and regulations leading to legal action. ● While using network functions please do not download suspicious files which have a potential of containing viruses, do not install any applications from unknown sources or attempt to access damaged files. If the user persists resulting in the damage of the Smartphone, the manufacturer will not undertake any responsibility. ● Please dispose of batteries according to local regulations, please recycle when possible. Please do not dispose as household waste. STATEMENT: Our Company reserves the right to revise this manual content without prior notice. 3 -GETTING STARTED- TURNING THE PHONE ON AND OFF ● To switch the Smartphone on or off, please hold down the Power key. ● If you turn on the Smartphone without having inserted a SIM card, the Smartphone will display “No SIM card”. After inserting the SIM card, the Smartphone will automatically check if the SIM is usable. The following will be displayed in this order: Input Phone Lock Code ● If the Phone Lock is set. Input PIN ● If the SIM Lock is set. Searching ● The Smartphone will conduct a search to find the appropriate network connections. BATTERY CHARGING ● Plug the charger connector on the phone and plug the charger into the electrical outlet. ● At this time the charge level icon will repeatedly flash at the top right corner of the Smartphone’s screen; If the Smartphone is charging while switched off, a charging indication will appear on the screen. If the Smartphone was completely drained of power, it might take some time before indication of charging appears on the screen. ● When the battery level icon does not flash anymore, it means that the battery is fully charged. If charging while power off, there will still be an indication on the screen when the charging is complete. This process usually take at least 2.5 hours (The first three times you recharge, it is advised to charge the new Smartphone for 12-14 hours on the first charge, as this will help extend battery life). The mobile phone and charger will become warm during charging and this is normal. ● When charging is complete, unplug the charge connector from the electrical outlet and the mobile phone. ATTENTION: ● Charging must be performed in a well-ventilated area with a temperature between -10°C and +45°C. The factory-supplied charger must be used. Using an unapproved charger could be dangerous in addition to being in breach of the provisions of the repair warranty. ● If the mobile phone automatically shuts down or indicates that “Battery is low” you should immediately charge the battery. If the battery has not been entirely used up before charging, the mobile phone will automatically decrease the recharging period. -FUNCTION MENU- CONTACTS You can use the phonebook function to save and manage contact information. NOTICE: The SIM card has a limited number of records it can store. 4 MESSAGING You can send or receive SMS and MMS through this function. -PHONE FEATURES- CALLING Enter the phone number, including the area code, select one of the SIM cards to make a call. During a call, the Smartphone will display the call status information, if you need to input the number, please directly press the number keys. For international calls, press and hold “0” key to switch, until the international phone prefix “+” appears on the screen, enter the country code and full number you wish to call and dial. SHORTCUT DIAL In the dialer interface, holding the shortcut dial number keys in corresponding list of (2~9) can dial a phone. Number 1 key has been preset as voice mail shortcut dial. CALL USING THE CONTACTS 1. Press the Home key, click on the “People/Contacts” App to open the contacts. 2. Press the Menu key -> Search, Search for the contact in the contacts list 3. Click on the contact -> select the SIM card to call. CALL FROM THE CALL LOG 1. Press the Home key, click on “Dial” icon to open the dialer. 2. Click on the call records list. You can also choose from the contacts interface or call records page to open call records list. 3. Click on the call log -> select the SIM card to make the call. CALL FROM THE MESSAGE 1. Press the Home key, click on “SMS” icon to open the message. 2. Click to select and open the needed messages or conversation. 3. Click on the required messages. If the message contains multiple numbers, you choose the required number from the options menu, and click on the call button to dial. EMERGENCY CALLS Whether the SIM card is installed or not, the Smartphone can call the emergency phone number for help, for example dial number 112 or 999. ANSWER A CALL When you receive a call, slide the answer button to the right to accept the call. If the headset is plugged in, you can also use the button on the headset to accept the call. 5 END THE CALL When you receive a call, slide the button to left to reject the call. During a call, click on the end call button to end the current call. CALL OPTIONS During a call, you can do the following operations: ● Mute To stop transmitting the user’s voice. ● Hold Put a call on hold. ● Un hold* Resume the call. ● Speaker Activate or turn off the PA. ● Contacts Enter contacts menu. ● Add call Add a new call. ● Dial pad Begin to dial new call. ● End call End the call. USING THE MOBILE PHONE MEMORY CARD AS U DISK 1. Use the USB cable provided to connect the Smartphone to a computer. The status bar will show the notification icon. 2. Open the notice panel. 3. In the notification panel, select “USB connected”, and then select "turn on USB storage". NOTICE: If the Smartphone is connected to a computer and you select USB storage, the Smartphone will not be able to access memory CARDS while connected. You will also not be able to use some of the mobile phone applications that need to access this storage. WLAN The Smartphone comes with 300 feet WLAN (100 M) wireless network access range. If you want to use the Smartphone’s WLAN, you have to connect to a wireless access point or "hot spots". NOTICE: The availability of WLAN signal coverage and will depend on the quantity, infrastructure, and other signals reaching the device. OPEN THE WLAN AND CONNECT TO A WIRELESS NETWORK 1. Press the Home key, click on Setting-> Wireless & networks. 2. Select WLAN check box, to open Wi-Fi. The phone will automatically scan for available wireless networks. 3. Click on the Wi-Fi settings. Then the WLAN network will display a list of names and security Settings. 4. Select one of the WLAN networks to connect. When you select open network, 6 the Smartphone will be connected to the network. If the selected network is WEP, WPA/WPA2 encrypted, you should input password for that network to gain access. CONNECT TO OTHER WLAN NETWORKS 1. Select wireless and networks and select WLAN settings. WLAN networks will be displayed in the WLAN network list. 2. Select other WLAN networks that will be available. NOTICE: In addition, the Smartphone can connect via GPRS Internet. GPRS SIM card is set on default, the user can manually select the specific location in "Settings -> SIM management -> Data connection, select “Data connection” to close the current SIM card data connection. BLUETOOTH TURN ON BLUETOOTH 1. Press the Home key, click on Setting 2. Click on “Wireless & networks”, Then Select “Bluetooth” check box, to open Bluetooth. After activating Bluetooth, the Bluetooth icon ( ) will appear in the status bar. When you select "Scan for devices" the Smartphone will begin to scan for Bluetooth devices within range. 3. Select Bluetooth Settings, all the devices will appear in Bluetooth devices list. 4. (Setting the check box to visible allows the Smartphone to be detected by other devices within range) Important: The Smartphone’s longest detect time is two minutes. MATCHING AND CONNECTING BLUETOOTH HEADSET 1. Press the Home key, click on Settings. 2. Click on “Wireless & Networks” -> Bluetooth Settings, then Select Bluetooth check box, to open and activate Bluetooth. Then the Smartphone scans for devices within the Bluetooth range, all devices found will be displayed in the Bluetooth devices list. Select the device you wish to connect from the list. DISCONNECT & UNPAIR THE BLUETOOTH HEADSET CONNECTION 1. Press the Home key, click on Setting -> Bluetooth Settings. 2. In the list of Bluetooth devices, Select or tap and hold the hands-free headset to connect. 3. Long press and select “Disconnect & unpair”. 7 -APPLICATION- BROWSER Click the browser icon to open the browser. In the browser, you can open the desired page by the following methods: 1. Click on the browser address bar; input the web address of the desired web site. 2. Select the menu key-> bookmarks, choose the one you need to open the bookmark or click on the most visited/history records label page to choose and open other web pages. EMAIL Enter E-mail address and login password, choose communication protocol,Select data account [Edit wireless local area network or use SIM card data to connect to the E-mail network] ,Set receiving server and send server address,Edit user name [username needs to be a self-generated name], and save Settings, enter the mailbox options to write and receive mails. SETTINGS SIM management- check this copy below to be the same size type as the rest of the manual. ● SIM information: Choose to either enable or disableSIMcard. ● Default: Set up default SIM for voicecall, messaging and data connection ● General setting: Set the SIM card to roaming, contacts options, etc. WIRELESS & NETWORKS ● Airplane mode: Disable all wireless connection. ● Wi-Fi: select on or off. ● Wi-Fi settings: Set up and manage wireless access points, etc. ● Wi-Fi Direct settings: Set up and manage WLAN Direct. ● Bluetooth: Open/close Bluetooth menu. ● Bluetooth settings: Manage connection, setting device name etc. ● Tethering & portable hotspot: allows a data connection through the Smartphone USB or as a portable WLAN hotspot share. ● VPN settings: Setup and manage virtual private network. ● Mobile networks: Check the mobile data usage, set access point name and network operators. CALL SETTINGS ● Voice call ● IP call ● Other settings: AUDIO PROFILES ● General ● Silent 8 ● Meeting ● Outdoor DISPLAY ● Wallpaper: Set up the wallpaper of the Smartphone ● Brightness: Set the brightness of the Smartphone display ● Auto-rotate screen: Set up to automatically rotate screen between landscape & portrait when tilted likewise. ● Animation: Display window animation Settings. ● Screen timeout: Automatic adjustment of screen lock delay time. LOCATION ● Use wireless network: or mobile network in application to check global position. ● Use GPS satellites: Accurate location to street level. ● GPS EPO assistance: Use GPS auxiliary material (EPO) to accelerate the GPS positioning. ● EPP settings: View the modified EPO configuration information ● A-GPS: Use auxiliary data to accelerate the GPS positioning. ● A-GPS: View the modified A-GPS Settings SECURITY ● Screen unlock: Use pattern, PIN or password lock screen (sometimes fingerprint ID if the device supports). ● SIM card lock: Can enable/disable SIM card PIN request and SIM card PIN change. ● Password: Set password. ● Device administrators: View or deactivate apps with administrative permissions. ● Credential storage: Allows the application to access security vouchers and other documents, trusted credentials etc. ● Install from SD card: For SD card installed encryption certificate. ● Set password: Set or modify the documents stored password. ● Clear storage: Remove all of the contents of the documents stored and reset the password. APPLICATIONS ● Unknown sources: Allows for the installation of applications from unverified developers. ● Manage applications: Manage and delete installed applications, clear app data. ● Running services: Check and control the currently running services. ● Storage use: Check the storage usage. ● Battery use: Check the power consumption. ● Development: Set the application development options, set USB debugging. ACCOUNTS & SYNC ● Background data: Control applications synchronization, sending and receiving data when applications run in the background. ● Auto-sync: Applications automatically synchronize data. PRIVACY ● Factory data reset: Remove/Erase all data on the mobile phone. STORAGE ● SD card: view SD card total space and available space. ● Mount/unmount SD card: After unloading SD card, it will not be accessible. ● Erase SD card: Remove/Erase all Data on the SD card. ● Internal storage: Display available space. LANGUAGE & KEYBOARD ● Language settings: select language and personalize dictionary. ● Keyboard settings: choose the Android keyboard, or other input methods. 9 ● Input method: Choose input method. VOICE INPUT & OUTPUT ● Text-to-speech settings: customize text-to-speech settings, voice commands. ● Default settings: set to Default engine, install voice data, Speech rate, language. ● Engines: Pico TTS settings. ACCESSIBILITY ● Accessibility: set Open/close. ● Power button ends call: Press power to end the call, not turn off display. ● Quick boot: set Open/close. DATE & TIME ● Automatic: Use networks provided time and date. ● Set date: Manually edit date. ● Select time zone: Manually choose time zone. ● Set time: Manually set a time. ● Use 24-hour format: set Open/close. ● Select date format: Choose the date format preferred. SCHEDULE POWER ON/OFF ● You can set the phone to automatically switch on/off at a specific time. ABOUT PHONE ● System updates ● Status: Check the current state of the mobile phone. ● About battery: View power usage stats ● Legal information: check the open source license ● About version: Display model. -CAMERA- 1. During the view-finding mode, adjust the lens to allow what is being photographed to appear in the viewfinder. 2. After framing the picture you wish to take, keep the camera steady and press “ ” to take pictures. 3. After taking photos, click the photo preview on the bottom right, a menu will appear with the following options: a. You can share photos via MMS, E-mail or Bluetooth, etc. b. Click the photo for more operations, such as deleting, editing - MUSIC- 1. Click on artist/albums/songs/ library, select the desired song 2. Click on the music files to start playing. -FILE MANAGER- In the main menu, click on file manager in order to display the file management list. Memory locations available will show and you can view all the files contained. Folders and files have options to copy, view, cut, delete, rename, share and show details. 10