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PDF OCR Transcript: Energy Watch Monitor Monitor household electricity use and cost in real time Instruction Manual EW-AUS5001 Energy saving made simple MONITOR•CONTROL•SAVE Parts What elements does your package contain? and Usage Your package contains all of the elements shown below. If any item is missing, please contact your installer immediately. Function button2 Energy Watch Monitor Instruction Manual Cost button3Reset button4 NOTE NOTE: Battery back-up: There is a 3.6V rechargeable battery installed inside the ENERGY Watch Extension Cord Monitor. It allows for the storage of data when the meter is not plugged in. How to use the ENERGY Watch Monitor? Plug the meter into a power outlet and then plug an appliance or power board into the ENERGY Watch Monitor. The ENERGY Watch Monitor’s functions can be selected by pressing the [ Function 2]. [ Cost 3] is a shortcut to the time / cost function. To set the cost, hold down [ Cost 3]. Blinking numbers indicate the cost is ready to be changed. Use [ Function 2] to navigate between the dollars and cents and use [ 5] and [ 6] to select figures. Press [ Cost 3] when finished. To clear the readings from a previous appliance, press [ Reset 4] (with the point of a pen or pencil). This will also re-start the timer. [ Reset 4] can also be used to clear the meter if an abnormal display appears on the screen or if the meter is not responding. 2 Unplug the ENERGY Watch Monitor and it will turn off automatically. 3 Up button 5 Down button6 Reading the display Top display This number refers to how long the appliance has been connected to the meter. To restart the timer press [ Re- set4 ]. Middle display A reading of volts (V), amps (A), watts (W) or kilowatt hours (kWh) depending on what function is selected. The function selected is determined by the symbol shown under the number. Lower display This display changes depending on what function is chosen. 4 5 Navigating the functions Navigating the functions Display Modes If left for 1 minute the power meter will revert to ‘Time / Watts / Cost’ mode. To switch modes, press the [ Function button2]. Please note: ‘kWh’ and cost data will not accumulate when consumption is below ~2.5 watts. Time / Watts / Cost (Fig.1) Top display: This number refers to how long the appliance has been plugged into the power meter. The time does not automatically reset when the appliance is unplugged. To restart the timer press [ Reset button4]. Middle display: This is an instantaneous reading of how many watts the appliance is using. Lower display: This shows you the cost of running an appliance over time. Cost can only be calculated after the cost is set (see previous page). Kilowatt Hours (Fig.2) Middle display: This is a cumulative reading of kilowatt hours (kWh) that the appliance has used over the time shown in the top display. Press and hold down the [ 5] and [ 6] buttons until the display starts to flash. Press these buttons again for 3 seconds until the display stop flashing. All cumulative data Lower display: The number of days that the appliance has been plugged into the power will be erased. meter. Voltage / Frequency (Fig.3) Middle display: Voltage reading in Volts. Lower display: Frequency reading in Hertz. Amps / Power Factor (Fig.4) Middle display: Current reading in Amps. Lower display: This is an instantaneous reading of the Power Factor. Minimum Wattage (Fig.5) Middle display: This number refers to the lowest power consumption (in watts) of an appliance since the last reset (the lower display reads ‘Lo’). Fig.3 Fig.4 Maximum Wattage (Fig.6) Middle display: This number refers to the highest power consumption (in watts) of an appliance since the last reset (the lower display reads ‘Hi’). Time / Cost (Fig.7) Middle display: Blank. Lower display: Cost / kWh (you can entre as either $00.00 or 00.00 cents). Fig.6 Fig.7 Fig.1 Fig.2 Fig.5 Data Clearance 6 7

How do I use the Energy Monitor? The extension cord helps you to access the wall outlet behind any cabinet or at very low level of the wall easily. By using the extension cord with our plug in monitor, you have no difficul- ties on monitoring your appliances anywhere. 4 5

  1. Connect the extension cord to the Energy Watch Monitor.
  2. Plug the extension cord to the wall outlet (This can be any outlet which is difficult to reach).
  3. Connect the equipment you wish to use to Energy Monitor.
  4. Turn on your electric appliance.
  5. You can read the result though the display. 3 21 IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTES IMPORTANT: Please retain your instruction manual for future use. Watts Clever believes that the safe performance of your product is the first priority. We ask that any electrical appliance that you use be operated in a sensible fashion with due care and attention placed on the following points: • Carefully read all instructions before operating the Energy Watch Monitor for the first time and save for future reference. • Avoid moisture, extreme temperatures, shock and vibration. • Do not exceed the maximum load of 10A / 2400W either with a single appliance or with a group of appliance connected via a power strip. • Do not connect 2 or more Energy Watch Monitor together. • Always ensure the plug of any appliance is inserted fully into the Energy Watch Monitor.

• To protect against electric shock, do not immerse the Energy Watch Monitor in water or any other liquid. • Do not insert needles or any other metal objects into the socket holes. • For indoor use only. Product Specifications Model • EW-AUS5001 | CAT Number • MS6119 Dimensions • 159 (L) x 72.7 (W) x 37.5 (H) mm (not include the plug) Operating voltage • 240V AC | Frequency display • 50Hz Operating current • max 10A | Wattage display (watts) • 0W - 2400W Current display (amps) • 0.0A - 10.0A Price display range • 0.00$ / kWh - 99.99$ / kWh Total kWh and cost display • 0.000kWh - 9999kWh SAA Approval : SAA110782 N287 Z752 Made in China For product support, please visit http://support.wattsclever.com Distributed by: Electus Distribution Pty Ltd For further assistance please contact us on 320 Victoria Road Rydalmere, support@wattsclever.com NSW 2116 Australia Tel: 1300 738 555 © 2013 Watts Clever All Rights Reserved http://www.wattsclever.com http://support.wattsclever.com Fax: 1300 738 500 www.electusdistribution.com.au Due to continual improvement in design or otherwise, the product you purchase may differ slightly from the illustration in this book