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PDF OCR Transcript: Weems & Plath® 214 Eastern Avenue • Annapolis, MD 21403 p (410) 263-6700 • f (410) 268-8713 www.Weems-Plath.com/OGM LX2 Running LED Nav Lights USCG 2NM Approved 33 CFR 183.810 Meets ABYC-A16 Models: LX2-PT, LX2-SB, LX2-ST OWNER’S MANUAL INTRODUCTION Thank you for your purchase of Weems & Plath’s OGM LX2 Running LED Navigation Lights. The rugged construction and long bulb life will provide years of trouble-free service for your marine application. This collection provides well over 2 nautical miles of visibility, suitable for both power and sailing vessels that are under 165-feet (50-meters). The lights are US Coast Guard certified, meet the COLREGS ’72 and ABYC-16 standards. Additional certifications may be required for commercial applications. Check with your local regulations. The LX2 Models: There are 3 LX2 models: Port, Starboard, and Stern. The lens and LED bulb are clear which can make identifying the particular light difficult from a casual glance but the part number is labeled on the back of each unit to help identify it. The type of light can also be determined by applying power to the light and observing the illuminated color. The table below outlines each part number: Model # Description LED Color Horiz. View Angle Vert. View Angle LX2-PT Port Running Light Red 112.5° > 70° LX2-SB Starboard Running Light Cyan (Green) 112.5° > 70° LX2-ST Stern Running Light White 135° > 70° INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS General: The LX2 lights are designed to meet the requirements of the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972, commonly called ‘72 COLREGS. These regulations were developed and adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). These instructions and the ‘72 COLREGS should be followed during installation to ensure compliance with these regulations. Mounting: 1. PORT & STARBOARD: The Port and Starboard lights must be mounted at an angle of 33.75° from the centerline of the vessel. The lights come with a mounting bracket to facilitate mounting at the proper angle. STERN: The Stern light must be mounted as nearly as is practical at the stern of the vessel, facing directly aft. 2. The ‘72 COLREGS documents the proper locations for navigation lights. Specific rules also apply for vessels over 65.5-feet (20-meters), including the use of screens. Please refer to those regulations when installing these lights. 3. The light is completely waterproof so no extra precautions are necessary to protect the components within the light. The light is not designed to be opened; doing so will void the warranty. 4. The light is designed to be mounted using two 8-32 or similar sized through bolts, preferably high-grade stainless steel, pan-head screws. 5. Avoid any undue tension, pulling or bending of the wires behind the housing. Contact Weems & Plath directly if you have any questions. Wiring: The LX2 lights come standard with 2.5-feet of marine-grade 2-conductor, 20-gauge wire. A waterproof splice should be made for extending the run of wire length. Wire of 20-gauge or larger is sufficient for the small current draw (≤ 0.17 Amps) of these lights. The light must be protected with a 1 Amp circuit breaker or fuse. To install, connect the black wire to the boat’s DC ground and the red wire to the boat’s DC positive power source. Improper fuse protection may result in fire or other catastrophic damage in the case of a short or other failure. SPECIFICATIONS Visibility: 2 nautical miles Waterproof: yes, completely submersible Power Consumption: 2 Watts Voltage Range: 9V to 30V DC Current Draw: ≤ 0.17 Amps at 12V DC Wiring: 2-conductor 20 AWG UV jacketed 2.5-foot cable Warranty: This product is covered by a LIFETIME Warranty. For more details on the warranty, please visit: www.Weems-Plath.com/Support/Warranties To register your product visit: www.Weems-Plath.com/Product-Registration