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PDF OCR Transcript: XTRONS Slim Series - CR1506 Multimedia Overhead Entertainment System USER MANUAL OPERATION MANUAL Cautious:

  1. Do not put the machine in the rain or damp to avoid electric strike or fire. 2. Do not repair the device by yourself. Please switch the machine off immediately and then inform our factory or dealers when there is a problem. This product is comprised of many precision electronic components. Warranty will be void if disassembling or self-renovation the machine. 3. Do not expose the machine to moisture, dust, vapour, oil smog direct sunshine or influential environment. 4. Do not use the diluent or other chemical detergents. Please use soft cloth to remove dust or dirt on the machine. 5. Keep the machine away from the over heat or over cold location. The machine's storage temperature ranges-10 C-60 C, and its operation temperature ranges is 0 C-40 C. 6. Do not play unequal discs. This machine can play DIVX/MPEG4/DVD/ DVD+R/RW/SVCDNCD/DVCD/CD/MP3/WMA/CD+R/RW/HDCD/CD-G/ KODAKE PICTURE/JPEG/CD-ROM by CD-R receive TV signal with built-in tuner. 7. Avoid dropping or impacting to the machine. 8. For your safety, do not turn on, watch and operate the machine when you are driving. It may be against the Law in some countries and regions. 9. Safe power supply: DC 12 V (10V-14V) Attention: There may be a few bright or dark spots on the screen during operate. It is a common phenomenon in active Matrix technology. It does not indicate any fault or problem has appeared. Functions and features • Compatible: DVD/MP3/MP4/WMA/WAV/MPEG2/MPEG4/MKV/H.264/ AVSNC1/RM/RMVB/AVINP6/P8 etc all formats • Screen Size: 16.4"/15.6" • System: PAL/NTSC • Display Mode: 16:9 • Pixel: 1366(W) x RGB x 768(H) • Power Supply: DC 12-24V • Power Consumption: <20W data-preserve-html-node="true" • Built in Dome LED lights • Multi-Language OSD Menu • Full function remote control • Built in IR transmitter/FM transmitter • Support USB & SD • Wireless Games • Support 1080P • 1 HDMI input • 1 AV input • 1 AV Output • Built-in TV Tuner (Optional) Appearance and function 13 14 15
  2. Light 2. Play disc 3. Light switching 4. Play/pause 5. Open switching 6. Next skip 7. Prev skip 8. Analog increase
  3. Analog decrease 10. Mode 11. Menu 12. Power 13. USB 14. SD 15. HDMI Connection Diagram HIT C Yellow Video input HI CO White Audio input(L) 16 Red Audio input(R) KEO Yellow Video output THEO White Audio audio output(L) KKLEO Red Audio audio output(R) IMO TV (Optional) ACC (Yellow) +12-24V(Red) GND(Black) Door(Blue) Remote control panel Game buttons START START MODE Title Program Up Right Enter key MODE DVD MENU/PBC ON/OFF Power on/off TFT menu key Display Left Channel select key (adjust TFT MENU) Fast Backward PREV Skip Stop Disc play list Number key Channel select TV/AV/DVD shift key Down Olo opacomo DVD Setup SD/USB shift key Fast Forward Next Skip 00000000
  4. TITLE Zoom Mute key Audio Right/Left Audio channel shift key Subtitle Return RETURN Game buttons Method of operating DVD system Playing a disc (DVD/VCD/CD) Turn on the player insert the DVD disc Make sure that the disc's label is facing up Sliding into the slot, the disc is automatically played To stop press the button (STOP) To stop temporarily press the button (PLAY/PAUSE) Playing a MP3 file Turn on the player insert the disc Make sure that the disc's label is facing up Sliding into the slot, the disc is automatically played To stop press the button (STOP) To stop temporarily press the button (PLAY/PAUSE) To resume again press the button (PLAY/PAUSE) To replay a song you want 1. Press the button after choosing a song (track) you want by using Arrow want by using Arrow button. 2. You can replay the song directly by entering the number of the song. Disc Menu You can select the following menu when are recorded in discs. To display recorded menu on disc DVD/VCD 2.0 Press the (DVD MENU) button The menu recorded in discs appears. (Scene Selection, Special Features, etc) Menu appears differently depending on discs. CD, VCD1.1 does not have disc menu function. Press the arrow buttons to move to item you want, and press the (ENTER) button. Simple trouble shooting Problems No sound and picture No picture Possible reasons AC adaptor or car adaptor is not properly connected. Unauthorized power supply is used. The power switch is in OFF position. The channel selection is not done properly. Resetting the broadcast channels. The volume is turned off. The audio set are set up in a wrong way The broadcast signal is too weak. The antenna is not adjusted properly. The channels are not tuned properly. The brightness and contrast are not adjusted properly. The temperature of the using environment is too cold. No sound Poor reception Dark picture Punch-drunk or unstable picture The antenna not adjusted properly. In areas where TV signal is too weak. Jitters Snowflake The antenna direction is incorrect. The TV may be receiving reflecting signals from buildings or mountains in the area. The TV may be receiving electronics or electromagnetic interference when car engineers trains high voltage wires or neon signs. The colour is not properly adjusted. The signal is too weak. Electric wire conjunction inaccuracy: Check connects the lines The fuse breaks: Replace with the fuse of the specification Poor colour No power supply or no voice The CD has already pack into but no surd sound The disc put the anti; Press the CD to put the right direction, and make its label with an upward exposure. The disc become soiled or row to harm seriously; Clean the CD or replace the new disc. Because of the vibration but the emergence jump the sound phenomenon Install unsteady settle: (use the gearing parts to pack this machine firm) The disc become soiled or row to harm seriously; Clean the CD or replace the new disc. Have noing vibration to also appear to jump the sound phenomenon The CD is dirty or damage, please clean or replace the CD -7