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PDF OCR Transcript: YAMAHA . System Rack & Patch Bay Unit RB30 PB44 SI + Patch Bay Unit OWNER'S MANUAL INTRODUCTIONS Thank you for selecting the Yamaha Producer Series RB30 Multitrack System Rack and PB44 Patch Bay Unit. These products have been specially designed to complement the MM30 and M744 Producer Series components, and will make their use even more convenient by facilitating connections and use of selectors for multitrack recording ("ping-ponging." mixing, etc.). The superior technology, workmanship and finish of RB30 and PB44 will enhance both the operation and appearance of your studio. Thank you for selecting the Yamaha Producer Series Uite. These producrs have been specially designed to complement the MM30 and uTau Producer Series convenient by facilitating connections and use of mixing, er CAL CAUTIONS Do not expose the RB30/PB44 to direct sunlight or other sources of heat such as radiators, etc. Do not attempt to clean the RB30/PB44 with benzine or other solvents as these may cause dis coloration or deformation of the cabinet Clean the unit with a soft, dry cloth. • For more convenient and accurate connecting, an identification label is attached to the plug end of each cord which leads from the components. Use these identification labels to ensure correct the unit with a deform iden more convenient al each cord which leads from the other plug end of s PATCH BAY UNIT OPERATION O INPUT For connection of microphones or electric (electronic) musical instruments. Input to these terminals is sent to the MM30's Input. PERSONAL STUDIO SYSTEM AUX IN For connection of a tape deck or additional mixer (sub mixer). XER STEREO OU AUX IN LINE OUT PHONES 3 LINE OUT The MM30's Line Out signal; when connected to a stereo tape deck, it can be used to mix down multiple recording sources from the MT 44. 2 Wet MIXER TAPE IN TAPE. DECK LINE OUT - - AM STEREO OUT Sends output signals mixed by the MM30 to Stereo Out. Also serves as an output monitor terminal with connection of MS10 (powered speaker). TAPE DECK LINE IN EL r panh p H tinh rent 5 in THIET TAPE OUTI L TAPE QUT 2 L TAPE OUT 3 TAPE OUT 4 MXER INPUT PHONES For connection of stereo headphones; also serves as a monitor terminal when recordings are being done from the microphone. A REPLAY SYSTEM ACCESSORY TERMINAL This is installed between the MT44's Line Out and the MM30's Tape in. When plugged into the Mixer Tape In, that channel's inner circuitry is cut and the Mixer Tape In signal goes to the MM30's Tape In. Thus it is used when changing channel sequencing or for effects when using channels independently. It can also be used for making inserts between the Tape Deck Line Out and the mixer Tape In, or to make replays to Mixer Tape In when connected to a tape deck instead of the MT44. RECORDING SYSTEM ACCESSORY TERMINAL This is installed between the MM30's Tape Out and the MT44's Line In for installation of accessories. When connected to Tape Deck Line In, that channel's circuitry is cut and the Tape Deck Line In signal is sent to the MT44's Line In, Or it can be connected between Mixer Out and Tape Deck Line in for using compressors, echo machines, graphic equalizers, etc., independently on each channel. MIXER OUT SELECTOR Setting of this selector determines the recording mode of the MT44. TE TO Normally, the selector is in this position i TAPE OUT Å the MM30's Tape Out signal is sent to the MT44's Line in terminal-which is used to make recordings on each track without mixing. MIXER OUT 1 VO TAPE DECK LINE IN 1 2 m ill MM30 TAPE OUT 3D 606 666 Threm In this position, a mixed L signal is sent L TAPE OUT Å from the MM30's Stereo Out to the MT44's Line In. When the selector is in this position, a variety of mixed signals can be recorded on each track, and ping-pong recordings (back and forth) can be made. B2 MT44 LINE IN 03 سام OR MM30 LORD STEREO OUT ROD In this position, a mixed R signal from the L TAPE OUT R MM30's Stereo Out is sent to the MT44's Line in terminal. This produces the same effect as mentioned above. VIL STEREO OUT VIR RB30/PB44 MULTITRACK RECORDING - -- Connection when recording Connections provided in rack RB30/PB 44 1 • Case 1 To record 4-track without mixing cassette tape Source A - Source Source - Source O MT 44 MIXER INPUT WIE fill -nimisi LINE IN L TAPE OUT A 1- 4 www 1 1 1 1 12 3i4i To record sources 1 ~ 4 individually without mixing, set Mixer Out Selectors 1 ~ 4 all in the Tape Out position. 1 2 3 4 - - INPUT TAPE OUT MM30 Case 2 To make 2-track recordings RB30/PB44 MT44 cassette tape Source Am Source B Source © Source D-- ETHIE BIT L TAPE OUT 1 R MIXER INPUT LINE IN mo zm. L TAPE OUT 2 R .-. - ---.-. -. 1, 2, 3, 4 INPUT STREO OUT To make separate L and R 2-track recordings with the MT44 using PAN (panpot), first set the stereo orientation, then set Mixer Out selector 1 in the L position and Mixer Out selector 2 in the R position. IL RL RL RL R PAN MM30 • Case 3 To make ping-pong recordings cassette tape 1 Source Source® Source © In "ping-ponging," recorded tracks are mixed and transferred to an unrecorded track to open up these tracks for further recording. As shown in the diagram, sources 1~3 can be transferred onto track 4. To do this, adjust the volume of each source using the Input Fade, then set the Mixer Out selector for track 4 to Lor R. 3 MT44 RB30/PB44 MM30 LINE OUT tolno I MIXER INPUT TAPE IN LINE IN PAN STEREO OUT HOE 10321 L TAPE OUT 4 R RB30 AM tes 3. ASSEMBLY PROCEDURES • Before assembly, check all parts against the parts list to confirm that none are missing, • For assembly, only a Phillips screwdriver is required. 007 (SANCE EART PARTE Cushion GUT MT44 Rinia Kuna HAWI wo B .2.10 SUNNAH a $3WY Veral . MM30 [Feet 1. Install the front board 3 and the three stay boards 4, 5, 6 on the side board and screw into place using four screws 9. 2. Install the other side board 2 in the same manner. 3. Route the cord from the back of the patch bay unit 6 between stay boards and 5 . Attach the patch board with four screws 9. Next attach the sticker 1 to the front of the accessory box and place in the far right side of the rack. (See diagram) . Route the wiring from the MT44 and MM30 through the stay boards and place them in the rack. Next, connect the wiring from the patch bay unit to the MM30 and MT44. Before making connections, confirm the porper wiring order by referring to the attached label. VIEW OF ASSEMBLED SYSTEM PARTS LIST Part No. Quantity Description Left Side Board MT 44 Inni.e Right Side Board Front Board Stay A //007 Stay B 1 HD600 VANNI /19/4/8/9/7/9/01 YAMAHA ni Stay C 12 Fit un Accessory Box Patch Bay Unit (PB44) 1 Screws MM 30 Sticker PB 44 *If any parts are missing, please contact your Yamaha dealer. SINCE 1887 SINCE 1987 YAMAHA NIPPON GAKKI CO., LTD. HAMAMATSU, JAPAN OMD-72 8342 p Printed in Japan.