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PDF Content Summary: www.yujinrobotusa.com eX500 care & maintenance 1. Regularly empty the dust bin and replace the antibacterial filter 2. Cleaning the main brush CLICK Furrow 3. Display window error messages & solutions display Check Cause Solution C 1 Lifted wheel Move eX500 to a flat area. C 2 Cannot detect floor Move eX500 to a flat area in case the wheel was stuck on a obstacle. C 3 Dust bin error Dust bin is not properly assembled or installed. C 4 Wheel motor overload Check if a foreign material such as hair or lint is caught in the wheel and remove the material. C 5 Brush motor overload Check if a foreign material such as hair or lint is caught in the main brush or side brush and remove the material. C 6 Suction motor overload Clean filter, empty the dust bin. C 7 Internal system error Turn off the power switch of the robot cleaner then turn it on again. C 8 Magnetic Sensor Check that the front wheel and magnetic sensor are clean and correctly installed. iAQG.USA.500.V1 YCR-M05 Quick Start Guide Robotic Vacuum Cleaner eX500 ■The complete user manual is also available to download on our website www.yujinrobotusa.com www.yujinrobotusa.com 3. Installing eX500 Setting a scheduled cleaning 1. Preparation of the robotic vacuum cleaner 2. Installing the Charging Station and start charging Remote control Setting the time (Remote control is required to set the time) Remote control ※ eX500 starts cleaning at the set time every day, completes a cleaning cycle, and then returns to the charging station. On Device Setting the TIMER (Remote control is required to set the time) Remote controlWindow Display Set "hour" Set "minute" ODE MCLOCK ODE MCLOCK TIMER MAX MODE CK CLOEntrance prevention tape Bottom side 1) Before setting a scheduled cleaning’ s start time, make sure to set the clock with the current time. 2) For timer cleaning, use +/- buttons to set“hour”and press Enter button and use +/- buttons to set“minutes” and press Enter button. Once the time setting completes, select the cleaning mode and press Enter button. ※ To check the start time: press the TIMER button once. To cancel the set time: press the TIMER button twice. Climbing mode mode Set the with Cleaning mode Explanation Cleaning mode Explanation Using eX500 1. Changing vacuum modes Status Explanation Status Explanation 1 Press the“Clock”button on the remote control. 2 Use the +/- buttons to set the hour, then press“Enter” 3 Use the +/- buttons to set the minute, then press“Enter” 4 The iClebo will confirm the time is set with a beep. 5 Press the set button when correct time is displayed. ※ CLIMB is set “on” by default but can be deselected on the remote control in AUTO or RANDOM modes and also within MAX or SPOT cleaning. When CLIMB is set eX500 can cross obstacles up to 0.79 inches in height. Sometimes the shape of a surface of an obstacle may prevent the robot from climbing over it even when it is less than 0.79 inches in height. ※ Deselect CLIMB when circumstances require cleaning without climbing over obstacles of 0.2 inches or higher that need to be avoided (shag rug for example). eX500 will always climb over obstacles up to 0.2 inches in height ※ Note: SPOT and MAX modes are only available via the remote control. AUTO is the default cleaning RANDOM cleans for a set time (60 min. by default). Remote control & iClebo mode that uses Smart Navigation to move in a systematic cleaning pattern to cover the entire cleaning In RANDOM mode eX500 often covers areas one or more times increasing the quality of the Method Start Changing cleaning mode cleaning. After selecting RANDOM mode use the +/- buttons on the remote control to set the area. cleaning duration. TIMER MAX In MAX cleaning mode the iClebo first operates in Only with the remote control eX500 cleans within a range of 1.6 m2 with a zigzag pattern. AUTO mode where it uses its camera to systematically navigate the entire accessible area. After that eX500 enters RANDOM mode eX500and continues cleaning until the battery runs low making sure you will be happy with its double 2. Setting the current time cleaning job. On Device This cleaning mode is automatically entered once the mop plate is mounted Window Display Set "hour" Set "minute" ER TIMMAX By using the CLIMB function the iClebo’ s climbing ability will be increased from 0.20 inches to cross on the bottom of eX500. It is recommended that CLIMB mode be deselected when in mopping mode. obstacles up to a height of about 0.79 inches. Sometimes the shape of the surface of an obstacle may prevent eX500 from climbing over it even when the obstacle is less than 0.79 inches in height. . . ※ climbing If you wish mode to clean by pressing without CLIMB eX500 climbing before using. over obstacles of 0.20 inches or higher such as rugs or doorsills, deselect