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PDF Content Summary: iClebo Model Name Arte (YCR-M05-10) Power 100~240 V Charging energy Consumption 0.9 W Main body energy consumption 22 W Battery Lithium ion (Li-ion) Diameter 13.8 in Height 3.5 in Weight 6.17 lbs Speed 250 mm/s Filter Antibacterial filter Sensor IR,PSD,Gyro, Encoder, bumping Charging Time 100 min. Usage Time 140 min. (based on normal floor) Noise 55 db 米 Cleaners from YUJIN Robots, iclebo series is designed to comply with Energy star standard, which is the new energy consumption efficiency certification system in Europe, and it achieves the highest energy efficiency level in the industry. MADE IN KOREA ©2013 SYNET Electronics Inc. 220 Technology Drive, Suite 220, Irvine, CA 92618, USA. support@iCleboUSA.com Toll-Free: 888.372.8990 www.iCleboUSA.com One-Year Limited Warranty. Specifications and features are subjected to change without notice. YCR-M05 User Guide Vacuum Cleaning Robot iClebo Arte ■Please be sure to read the Safety Precautions before use. w w w . i C l e b o U S A . c o m Safety Precautions Components and detailed names Reference Installing the robot cleaner Usage of robot cleaner Iclebo Care & Maintenance Storage Check before repair report Display error message For e ective cleaning Operating principles of robot cleaner • Useful information Check list before using • Assemble side-brush • Insert remote control battery • Assemble ultra microfiber mop Check list before cleaning • Install Charging station • Charging • Time setting • Install Entrance Prevention Tape Using the robot cleaner • Power On/Off • Start / stop cleaning • Moving / Manual Cleaning / Charging Cleaning mode • Auto (Navigation) Mode • Random Mode • Spot Mode • Max (Auto + Random) mode • Mopping Mode / Door sill adjust Timer cleaning Emptying dust bin and servicing the antibacterial filter Cleaning Side Brush Cleaning Sensor Cleaning Main Brush Cleaning Front Wheel 2578910121314161517 1 2 This content is for the user’s safety and to prevent any property loss. Read the below carefully and use it with care. Users must be aware of necessary details Prohibition for using this product. Users must follow the instructions to avoid serious Warning injury or death. Users must follow the instructions to avoid light injury or product damage. - Do not force to bend the power cord or pressure it with heavy weight. Warning It may cause electric shock or fire. - Keep the pin and interface of the power plug clean from dust or water. It may cause malfunction or electric shock. - Do not pull the power cord or touch the power plug with wet hands. It may cause electric shock or fire. - Do not use damaged power plug or power cord, loose outlet. It may cause electric shock or fire. - In case the water went inside the product, you must contact service center for check-up even the product was dried thoroughly. - Do not put or pull the power plug consecutively. It may cause electric shock or fire. - In case of direct charging with adapter, connect the adapter to the charging socket of robot cleaner properly. It may cause electric shock or fire. Caution Precautions related to power Prohibition Warning Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution Warning Caution Warning Precautions before using - Do not touch the power cord or the charger with wet hands. It may cause electric shock. - Arrange any cables or wires before use to avoid them being wrapped or caught by the robot It may cause fire or electric shock due to damaged cable. - Remove light objects or bers before use. It may cause barrier or damage the object or clothing while robot is in use. - Remove small or fragile objects from the cleaning area before use. Fragile po ery or glass product must be removed. Remove coins or expensive jewelries before cleaning. - Tidy & remove objects from the oor. Power cords, thin wires like phone chargers, pad, belts, thin towel, mats placed in front of the bathroom sink, entrance, utility room may get tangled with the wheel. Also table cloths, objects on the table or dining table may fall down. - Empty the dust bin before operating the robot cleaner. Suctioning function may not perform well if dust bin is full. - Check the main components such as antibacterial lter, brush and dust bin are assembled properly before cleaning. In case you operate the robot cleaner without the main components such as antibacterial filter or brush, it won’t clean and it may cause breakdown. - Do not operate robot cleaner when children or pets are le alone. Robot cleaner may draw a ention from children or pets. e children or pets may hurt themselves by playing with the wheels. If the robot cleaner is distracted while cleaning, it will recognize it as a barrier and certain areas may not be cleaned. - Do not expose the power cord on the oor when installing charging station. Robot cleaner may drag the power line while auto-charge or cleaning. - Keep the top of the charging station away from water. It may cause electric shock or fire. 3 4 Precautions while using Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning - In case the robot cleaner has unusual sound, smell or smoke turn o the robot immediately and place well away from ammable objects. It may cause electric shock or fire. - Do not use the robot cleaner on the table or any place high. Caution It may damage the product. - In case of particular hardwood oor, scratch or damage may occur while Caution using the product according to its material. Stop using in this case. - In case plastic bin or big foreign substance was suctioned, remove it immediately. Caution It may cause serious damage to the robot cleaner when it’s used for a long period with its suction duct clogged. - Transfer the robot cleaner to other area when it’s blocked by threshold of the entrance Caution or porch while operating. - Prevent the robot cleaner from suctioning liquid materials. Caution - Do not use the robot cleaner near ammables such as cigare e, hot materials or gasoline. It may cause fire. - Do not use it for outside. Caution Precautions after using - In case foreign substance is stuck on the sensor part, it may malfunction. Please clean the sensor regularly. - Make sure to use the cleaning brush while the side power switch is o when removing foreign object. If the robot cleaner operates all of the sudden, it may cause injury or serious damage to the product. - In case the robot cleaner or components are destroyed, contact the manufacturer or service center for check-up. It may cause electric shock or fire. - In case of cleaning the charging station, pull out the power plug rst for safety reasons. - Mishandling the ba ery may cause an explosion or re. At the end of service life return the ba ery to an o cial disposal point. It may cause fire. - Do not spray water directly or wipe the robot cleaner with volatile materials such as benzene, Caution thinner or alcohol when mending the product. - Do not force to press or pressure the bumper. Caution In case the bumper sensor is damaged, it may crash on the wall or with furniture. - Do not disassemble, repair or convert the product. All repairs & servicing should be carried out by an Caution Authorized Agent. It may damage the product. Warranty will be voided. Components Robot cleaner Charging station Remote control (batteries included) Side-brush(R) Side-brush(L) Cleaning brush YCR-M05 User Vacuum Cleaning Guide Robot iClebo Arte YCR-M05-02 Quick Guide Vacuum Cleaning Robot ■Please be sure to read the Safety Precautions before use. w w w . i C l e b o U S A . c o m User Guide Quick Guide Adapter Antibacterial filter Mop plate Area boundary tape Ultra microfiber (virtual wall) wet mop Detailed names of each parts ● Top of the robot cleaner ● Bottom of the robot cleaner Power button Camera Double sided tape Start/Stop button Bumper Mode button Front fixed cover wheel Dust bin Front wheel Mop plate Side-brush Main Lithium ion battery brush cover Front position wheel Main brush Barrier Charging terminal sensor Fixed side-brush pin for Wheel On/Off switch Manual charging jack Main Brush Fixing Clip 5 ● Charging station ● Dust bin ● Remote control ● Display screen Power button Time setting button Filter Antibacterial /blackout filter Filter case Charging display Infrared generator Dust bin Blade non-slip pad Charging terminal Start/stop button Set-time status Charge button Power Mode button Battery status Time setting button Timer button Door sill height Clock/ button cleaning Cleaning mode time button Mode button Auto Random (Navigation) Mode Direction button Mode Enter button Mopping Climb mode mode Start/stop button Remote Control 1. Press power bu on of the remote control. 2. Press start/stop ( ) bu on of the remote control. 3. Press power bu on to stop the operation. 4. To change mode, press power bu on, and use mode bu on to select desired cleaning method, and then press start/stop ( ) bu on. 5. Default mode is Auto + Climb. If you want only oor cleaning, press Climb bu on of the remote controller to change to general mode and then proceed with the cleaning. 6. Additional information for Max mode and Spot mode If you want to use the cleaner as long as possible, clean in Max mode. In Max mode, it starts in Auto (Mapping) mode to perform overall cleaning, and when it is completed, it changes to Random mode for additional cleaning. (Cleaning of about 120~160 min. is possible according to indoor environment.) œ In the oor environments such as carpet, rug, or pa erned tiles or marble, set to Climb mode for cleaning. 6 For effective cleaning Please follow the instructions below for high cleaning e ciency. - Empty the dust bin after each use of the robot cleaner. - Use Magnetic strip to confine the robot to an area or by closing the door. (Refer to P.10 How to install entrance prevention tape) - Set the magnetic strip not too far apart from the oor. - Remove all the non-fixed objects such as toys, magazines or shoes before cleaning. - Do not lift up or move the robot cleaner manually while operating. ( If you do this, the robot loses its way and skips areas.) - Make sure to charge with manual charging for at least 1 hour before using the vacuum cleaning robot for the first time. (Refer to P.9 How to charge manually) Operating principles of robot cleaner Principles of Vacuum Cleaning Robot is product recognizes the ceiling and obstacles with camera and various sensors, and cleans by making a virtual map in CPU installed in the main body. It operates by drawing the most e cient map with self-decision of the finished cleaning area and the area to clean. (Camera navigation is disabled in random mode.) With about 20 detection sensors, it can avoid wall or objects (chair, vase, etc) It climbs a door sill of up to 0.79 in, and oor sensors help it to avoid falling down stairs. Be careful that pets or children do not force the robot to fall by playing with it. Suction of robot cleaner is product has one main brush, two side-brushes and a vacuum suction. e dust on the oor is gathered by the rotating side brushes, and is swept into the dust bin by the rotating main brush. 7 8 Check list before using Assemble side-brush Insert remote control battery Assemble ultra microfiber mop 1. After ipping over the robotic vacuum cleaner, identify the positions of the leftand right side brushes. 2. Match the L side brush to the L marked part in the direction of the groove, then push in firmly. 3. Match the R side brush to the R marked part in the direction of the groove, then push in firmly. CAUTION Fit the side brush into the protruding part of the robotic vacuum cleaner matching the same shape. ere is no ba ery inside the remote control at the time of purchase. Install 2 x AAA ba eries before using it. 1. Push the cover of the backside of the remote control downward to open. 2. Check (+)(-) of the ba ery and assemble. 3. Match the cover to the groove, and close until “click” sounds. Ultra microfiber mop Mop plate 1 2 1. Turn over the vacuum cleaning robot, and install the mop plate by combining it to the fixing part of the main body. 2. If mopping mode is not used, separate and keep the mop plate separate from the main body. œ In Mopping mode with mop plate a ached, there may be cases that it is blocked by carpet, rug, or doorsill, and cannot go forward normally, so be careful. In such cases, moving the rug or carpet to one side and using Mopping mode is recommended. œ In some oor environments, there may be cases of not being able to go forward normally. If it cannot go forward normally in the oor environment of marble oor or certain pa erns, then also set Climb mode for cleaning. Check list before cleaning Install base (charging) station Charging 12 3 4 1. Open the cover of the backside of the charging station, and install the adapter with connected power plug as shown in figure 2 above. 2. Completely connect the charging jack of the adapter to the jack inside the charging station. Ba ery is discharged at the time of the purchase of the product, so it must be fully charged before using the robot for the first time. œ Ba ery color change on the display - Green: Ba ery is fully charged - Yellow: Remaining ba ery is 50% or less - Red: Remaining ba ery is 1 2 3 20% or less 1. Turn on the power switch on the side of the product. 2. Correctly match the charging pin on the bo om of the main body to the socket of the charging station, and start the charging. >> e ba ery status in the display window blinks and charging starts. If ba ery is completely discharged, “Lo” is displayed in the display window. 3. Red, Yellow and Green light will be blinking in order (consequently) on the display window according to ba ery charging condition while robot charging and green light is changed to keep on the display window when the ba ery is full. [Auto-charge during use] œ When the ba ery is low during an operation, this product moves to the charging station and performs auto charging. After the charging is completed, it finishes cleaning the remaining space, and returns to the charging station. œ When the ba ery is low, this product is set to return to the starting place of the cleaning. So if it started from a place other than the charging station, it returns to the place near the starting place of the cleaning. œ Change of the Charging Indicator color on Charging Station - Red: robot cleaner is in operation away from the docking station, or the charging connector between the cleaner and docking station is not properly connected. - Green Blinking: Recharging - Green: Recharge completed 9 ※ Current Time setting Make sure to set time for timer cleaning. 1. Press the Clock bu on on the remote control. Time display of the display screen will ash. 3. Press Enter bu on to confirm the se ing. 4. Set “minute” with (+)(-) bu on of the remote control and press Enter bu on 5. Press Enter bu on to confirm the se ing. 6. When the time is set, it confirms the se ing with beep sound. Press power bu on ( ). If you press it one more time, it is turned o . 2. Set “hour” with (+)(-) bu on of the remote control, and press Enter bu on. A ach the tape at the top of stairs where there is a danger of falling. a If dust accumulates on the fall prevention sensors they may not “see downwards” & not prevent the robot from falling. 1 1 2 2 3 3 Install area boundary tape ※ A ach it on the space to prevent the vacuum cleaning robot from entering. Bottom Bottom side side Using the robot cleaner 10 Power On/Off Start/stop cleaning Basic cleaning : AUTO+ CLIMB 1. Press the power bu on ( ). œCheck if lights come on AUTO and CLIMB mode in the display window. 2. Press start bu on ( ). œYou can click CLIMB bu on on the remote control to cancel Climb mode. (If CLIMB mode is o , the robot does not go over doorsills or climb onto the carpet or rugs over 0.2” in height.) œDuring the basic cleaning, robot performs the cleaning in vision mapping method, and the robot decides when to finish the cleaning. When the robot decides that the cleaning is finsihed, it returns to the starting point. Selected Cleaning : NDOM, SPOT(blinking) , MAX, Wet Mop A. NDOM mode It cleans with a random method for the time set by the user. 1. Press power bu on 2. Press MODE bu on to select NDOM. 3. Set the cleaning time for robot in the display window. (Default is 60 min. Adjust time with +, - on remote control.) 4. Check if light comes on NDOM mode in the display window. 5. Press START bu on. B. SPOT mode It uses AUTO mode to perform focused cleaning within radius 1m area in zigzag mode. 1. Press POWER bu on. 2. Press SPOT bu on on the remote control. 3. Check if AUTO mode is blinking in the display window. Check display AUTO mode blinking (SPOT mode se ing is completed.) 4. Press START bu on. - Robot completes the cleaning in SPOT mode and returns to the starting point. C. MAX mode It starts the cleaning in AUTO mode, finishes the cleaning in AUTO mode, then changes to NDOM mode, and cleans until the ba ery runs out. 1. Press POWER bu on. 2. Press MAX bu on on the remote control. 3. Check if lights come on AUTO mode and NDOM mode in the display window. (MAX mode se ing is completed.) 4. Press START bu on. - Robot cleans until the ba ery runs out, and returns to the starting point. D. WET MOP mode 1. A ach wet mop on the robot. 2. Check if light comes on WET MOP bu on in the display window. Deselecting CLIMB is recommended. 2 3 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 - When backward bu on is pressed, it turns 180 degree to make the direction change. - If the direction bu on is pressed right after pressing power bu on, it moves without cleaning (suction) function. 2 1 3 BASE message is displayed on the display window of the main body, and after returning to the charging station, ba ery mark blinks. 3. Use MODE to select AUTO or NDOM. (During the se ing of NDOM mode, set cleaning time using +,- bu on: Default is 60 min.) œSpot mode(partial cleaning) and Max mode (until ba ery runs out) are selected by a separate bu on on the remote control. œIn all mode selections, CLIMB is the default value. If you want to turn it o , click CLIMB bu on on the remote control to turn o CLIMB mode. (If you turn o CLIMB mode, robot will not go over doorsills or climb on the carpet.) Using move, charge function 1.Use the direction bu on of remote control to send the robot cleaner to specific area. 2. After the vacuum cleaning robot started the cleaning, if direction bu on is pressed, it moves to the desired direction while cleaning. 3. If charging ( ) bu on of the remote control is pressed, it finds and moves to the charging station and starts charging. 11 ※ The default climbing height of obstacles for the robotic vacuum Cleaning mode cleaner is up to about 0.79 in. ※ If you wish to set the robot not to go over obstacles over 0.2 in or doorsill, etc., click CLIMB button to turn off CLIMB mode! : Please turn off CLIMB mode if you wish to protect carpet, etc. Set mode the Cleaning mode Explanation Cleaning mode Explanation Remote control & cleaning robot Randomly cleans during the set time. Set the time with +, - button on remote control Only with remote Cleans with camera navigation mapping method AUTO RANDOM Zigzag part cleaning control within 3.3 ft in diameter After navigation cleaning, it converts to random mode and cleans until battery runs out Status Explanation Status Explanation The cleaning mode is automatically converted to Mopping mode once the mop plate mounted on the bottom If you press door sill (CLIMB) button of the remote controller, the Performance of the climbing can be increased up to 0.79 in. Mopping Door sill adjust (But, there may be differences according to the environment, Such as the structure of the door sill, etc.) ※ During the cleaning of carpet or marble floor & patterned tile floors usage of AUTO + CLIMB mode is recommended. Timer cleaning ※ When TIMER is set for cleaning, robot starts the cleaning at the set time everyday. 2 2 3 3 ※Refer to page 10 for setting the current time. 12 1 1. Press Timer bu on of the remote control. a Time indicator blinks in the display window. If timer cleaning is set, it displays the set time. At this time, to set new timer cleaning, press it one more time. 2. Use (+)(-) to set “hour” for timer cleaning and press Enter bu on. a e set time is displayed in the display window. 3. Use (+)(-) to set “minute” for timer cleaning and press Enter bu on. a e set time is displayed in the display window, and reserved icon ( ) appears. ※ To cancel the reservation, press timer bu on of the remote control, and press Enter bu on to cancel the reservation. ※ When a TIMER cleaning reservation is set in AUTO mode, robot starts cleaning at the set time, completes all the cleaning, and then returns to the charging station. ※ When a TIMER cleaning reservation is set in NDOM mode, robot starts cleaning at the set time everyday, cleans in NDOM mode for the set min., and returns to the charging station. Emptying dust bin and servicing the antibacterial filter .. www. me . WAN 1. Hold the dust bin as in the figure and separate sterilization filter cover. 2. Clean the filter using cleaning brush. iclebo Care & Maintenance * Dust bin can be washed with water. However, completely dry them before assembling and using them again. Cleaning Side Brush 1. Separate the side-brush with both hands. 2. Clean dust and foreign substance using the cleaning brush. Cleaning Sensor 1. Wipe the sensors on the front bumper of the robot cleaner using cotton buds. 2. Wipe the sensors on the bottom of the robot cleaner using cotton buds. Cleaning Main brush 4. Separate the brush cover then remove the main brush. Furrow CLICK CLICK 6. After cleaning, put the pyramid-shaped bump on the side of pyramid-shaped the main brush recess to the on the drive cam. (Insert firmly to ensure there is No gap between the brush and the cam.) Cleaning Front Wheel 1. Press the front-wheel fix clip with both hands and lift up to seperate. 2. Remove foreign substance on the front brush using the cleaning brush. 14 Storage 1. If the vacuum cleaning robot is not used for a long period of time, turn o the power switch on the side of the main body. 2. Place it where it is cool and ventilated. Battery Caution & Disposal Information 1. For best results, use type Lithium-ion ba eries for robot vacuum (included), and alkaline ba eries for remote. 2. Install only new ba eries of the same type in your product. 3. Failure to insert ba eries in the correct polarity, as indicated in the ba ery compartment, may shorten the life of the ba eries or cause ba eries to leak. 4. Do not mix old and new ba eries. 5. Do not mix Alkaline, Standard (Carbon-Zinc) or Rechargeable (Nickel Cadmium) or (Nickel Metal Hydride) ba eries. 6. Do not dispose of ba eries in fire. 7. Ba eries should be recycled or disposed of as per state and local guidelines. 15 16 Below is the explanation about the most occurred ‘breakdowns’ when using this product. If you can’t solve the problem with information below, please call your Customer service center. Problem C a u s e S o l u t i o n It is not cleaning well. See and empty the dust bin. See and use main brush. See and clean the dirty filter. When I press the power bu on to turn on the robot cleaner, it turns o automatically. Dust bin is full. Main brush is dirty. Filter is contaminated. Ba ery is low. Ba ery is enough but the dust bin is full. Main brush is clogged with hair and dust. Charge the robot cleaner. See and empty the dust bin. See and clean main brush. e robot cleaner is not responding. Check the power switch on the bo om of the main body. Re-charge the robot cleaner. Insert the ba ery of robot cleaner properly. Change the ba ery of the remote control. Wipe the infrared sensor & beam part of the remote control with soft cloth. Keep a distance from the charging station and press the bu on again towards the robot cleaner. e robot cleaner is not charging. Power switch is turned o . Ba ery of remote control is out. Infrared sensor & beam part of the remote control is blocked or dirty. Remote control is too close to the charging station. Charging station or robot cleaner is not connected properly to the plug. Connect the power of charging station & robot cleaner properly. A er cleaning, the robot cleaner is not returning to the charging station. Power of the charging station is not connected properly. Connect the power of the charging station properly. Move the charging station. No objects must Infrared generator & ejector on the Charging station and detector of the robot cleaner is dirty. be placed within left/right 19.7 inches, front 5 feet from the Charging station. is is to enable the robot cleaner to return to the charging station automatically after cleaning. Cleaning was started with auto-mode but not from the charging station. Robot cleaner must start cleaning from the charging station to return to the charging station after cleaning. Noise of the robot cleaner is ge ing worse. Dust bin is full or filter is dirty. Main brush is dirty. Main brush is dirty or hairs are accumulating between the main brush and the bearing. Empty and clean the dust bin. See (page 13) and clean the filter. See (page 14) and clean the main brush. Display error message Error display Cause Solution C 1 Lifted wheel Move the robot cleaner to at area. C 2 Cannot detect oor Move the robot cleaner to at area in case the wheel is stuck on the threshold or porch. C 3 Dust bin error Dust bin is not properly assembled. See and install properly. Check if foreign substance such as hair or lint exists C 4 Wheel motor overload on the wheel. See and remove the foreign substance. C 5 Brush motor overload C 6 C 7 C 8 Magnetic Encoder Check the front wheel & magnetic sensor are clean & correctly inserted Check if foreign substance such as hair or lint exists on the main brush or side-brush. See and remove the foreign substance. Suction motor overload See and clean filter, empty the dust bin. Internal system error Turn o the power switch of the robot cleaner then turn it on again. 17 iCLEBO WARRANTY & LICENSING AGREEMENT IMPORTANT: READ IN ITS ENTIRITY BEFORE USING: Accompanying this license agreement (“Agreement”) Do not use your iCLEBO (“ICLEBO Robot”) until you have carefully read and agreed to the following terms and conditions. By using the iCLEBO Robot, you agree to the terms of this Agreement and any amendment accompanying this Agreement. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use the iCLEBO Robot. The iCLEBO Robot contains an electronic software interface that allows you to control and modify behavior remotely monitoring its sensors. This is intended for software programmers interested in giving the iCLEBO functionality; we encourage you to do so subject to the terms of this Agreement. For more information, visit www.iCleboUSA.com. Terms and Conditions: LICENSING GRANT: Subject to the conditions and terms of this Agreement, SYNET Electronics Inc.,(DBA: iCLEBO USA) exclusive distributer of the iCLEBO in specific regions, grants you a revocable, royalty-free, personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-commercial intellectual property license: (1) to use the iCLEBO software contained on the ICLEBO Robot, including the protocol for communicating with the iCLEBO software contained on the ICLEBO Robot (“iCLEBO Software”), to use the ICLEBO Robot and (2) to distribute software that you develop for your ICLEBO Robot considered (“Your Software”). NON-COMMERCIAL LICENSING: You may use the iCLEBO only for personal, noncommercial, educational, and research purposes. The iCLEBO may not be used for any other purpose, whether “for profit” or “not for profit.” Any work produced or performed using the ICLEBO Robot, including Your Software, cannot be produced or performed for the benefit of other parties for compensation, fee, or any other reimbursement. A separate license is required for each additional use and individual user in all other cases. If you are an entity, iCLEBO grants you the right to designate one individual within your organization to have the sole right to use the iCLEBO Software and the ICLEBO Robot in the manner provided above. COMMERCIAL LICENSING: If you would like to request a commercial license for your use of the iCLEBO Software or the ICLEBO Robot, or for the distribution of your Software, please contact sales@iCleboUSA.com. We reserve the right to refuse your request for any reason or no reason at all, solely in its discretion. TITLE: iCLEBO Software “title” remains with iCLEBO and its suppliers. The iCLEBO Software is licensed and is not sold. The iCLEBO Software and the ICLEBO Robot are patented and copyrighted. They are protected by the laws of the United States and international treaty provisions. Except as expressly provided herein, iCLEBO does not grant any express or implied right to you under iCLEBO patents, copyrights, trademarks, or trade secret information. You agree not to remove any copyright or patent notice from the iCLEBO. LICENSE RESTRICTIONS: You may NOT: (i) use or copy the iCLEBO Software or the ICLEBO Robot except as provided in this Agreement; (ii) rent or lease the iCLEBO Software or the ICLEBO Robot to any third party; (iii) assign this Agreement or transfer the iCLEBO Software or the iCLEBO except as provided in this Agreement; (iv) modify, adapt, or translate the iCLEBO Software or the iCLEBO in whole or in part except as expressly provided in this Agreement; (v) reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the iCLEBO Software or the ICLEBO Robot; or (vi) distribute, sublicense or transfer the source code form of Your Software and derivatives thereof to any third party except as provided in this Agreement. SOFTWARE: Use and distribution of Your Software is also subject to the following limitations: You (i) shall be solely responsible for any update or support obligation or other liability which may arise from your use or distribution, (ii) shall not make any statement that Your Software is “certified,” or that its performance is guaranteed, by iCLEBO, (iii) shall not use iCLEBO’s name or trademarks, (iv) shall prohibit disassembly and reverse engineering of the iCLEBO Software and the ICLEBO Robot, (v) shall not publish reviews of iCLEBO products designated as beta without written permission from iCLEBO, and (vi) shall indemnify, hold harmless, and defend iCLEBO and its suppliers from and against any claims or lawsuits, including attorney’s fees, that arise or result from Your Software, including your use and your distribution. ONE-TIME TRANSFER: The initial user of the iCLEBO Software and the ICLEBO Robot may make a one-time permanent transfer of this Agreement, the iCLEBO Software, and the iCLEBO to another end user, provided the initial user retains no copies of the iCLEBO Software and the ICLEBO Robot. This transfer must include the iCLEBO Software, the iCLEBO Robot, and all of the materials accompanying the iCLEBO Robot(including all component parts and printed materials, any upgrades, and this End User License Agreement document). The transfer may not be an indirect transfer, such as a consignment. Prior to the transfer, the end user receiving the iCLEBO Software must agree to all the terms of this Agreement. NO WARRANTY AND LIMITED REPLACEMENT: EXCEPT AS STATED IN THE LIMITED WARRANTY TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER, THE ICLEBO SOFTWARE AND THE ICLEBO ROBOT ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” WITH NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, NON-INFRINGEMENT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, OR ANY WARRANTY OTHERWISE ARISING OUT OF ANY PROPOSAL, SPECIFICATION, OR SAMPLE. NO ORAL OR WRITTEN INFORMATION OR ADVICE GIVEN BY iCLEBO OR ITS AGENTS SHALL CREATE A WARRANTY. If the iCLEBO Software or the ICLEBO Robot is found to be defective in workmanship or material under normal use for a period of one (1) year from the date of receipt, iCLEBO’s entire liability and your exclusive remedy shall be the replacement of the iCLEBO Software or the ICLEBO Robot. This offer is void if the defect results from accident, abuse, misapplication, or Your Software. Any updates or supplements to the iCLEBO Software or the ICLEBO Robot provided to you after the expiration of the one (1) year period are not covered by any warranty or condition, express, implied or statutory. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT SOME JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OF IMPLIED WARRANTIES, SO THE ABOVE EXCLUSION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: THE ABOVE REPLACEMENT PROVISION IS THE ONLY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. ICLEBO OFFERS NO OTHER WARRANTY EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED INCLUDING THOSE OF MERCHANTABILITY, NON INFRINGEMENT OF THIRD- PARTY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. NEITHER ICLEBO NOR ITS SUPPLIERS SHALL BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, VICARIOUS LIABILITY, CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF BUSINESS PROFITS, BUSINESS INTERRUPTION, LOSS OF BUSINESS INFORMATION, OR OTHER LOSS) ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF OR INABILITY TO USE THE ICLEBO SOFTWARE, THE ICLEBO ROBOT, OR YOUR SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ICLEBO HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. BECAUSE SOME JURISDICTIONS PROHIBIT THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR CONSE-QUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, THE ABOVE LIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. USER SUBMISSIONS: You agree that any information, material or other communication, including data, images, sounds, text, and other things embodied therein, that you transmit or post to an iCLEBO website or provide to iCLEBO (“Communications”) will be considered non-confidential. iCLEBO will have no confidentiality obligations with respect to the Communications. You agree that iCLEBO and its designees will be free to copy, disclose, create derivative works, modify, publicly display, distribute, license and sublicense through multiple tiers of distribution and licensees, incorporate and otherwise use the Communications, including derivative works thereof, for any and all commercial or non-commercial purposes without the payment of any royalty to you, and that such license will survive the termination of this Agreement. UNAUTHORIZED USE: THE ICLEBO SOFTWARE AND THE ICLEBO ROBO ARE NOT INTENDED, DESIGNED, OR AUTHORIZED FOR USE IN ANY AERONAUTI- CAL, NUCLEAR, MEDICAL, LIFE SAVING OR LIFE SUSTAINING SYSTEMS, OR FOR ANY OTHER APPLICA-TION IN WHICH THE USE OF THE ICLEBO SOFTWARE OR THE ICLEBO ROBOT COULD CREATE A SITUATION WHERE PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH MAY OCCUR. Should you use the iCLEBO Software or ICLEBO Robot for any such unintended or unauthorized use, you shall indemnify and hold iCLEBO (Yujin Robot /SYNET/ iCLEBO USA) and its officers, subsidiaries and affiliates harmless against all claims, costs, damages, and expenses, and reasonable attorney fees arising out of, directly or indirectly, any claim of product liability, personal injury or death associated with such unintended or unauthorized use, even if such claim alleges that iCLEBO was negligent regarding the design or manufacture of the iCLEBO Software, the ICLEBO Robot, or any part or portion thereof. TERMINATION: This Agreement becomes effective on the date you accept this Agreement and will continue until terminated. You may terminate this Agreement voluntarily at any time. iCLEBO may terminate this Agreement at any time. Termination will be in affect if you breach any of its conditions or terms. We may refuse to license the iCLEBO Software or the ICLEBO Robot to you after termination. Upon termination by either party, you will immediately return to iCLEBO USA or destroy the iCLEBO Software and the ICLEBO Robot and all your copies thereof. INTERPRETATION: The provisions of this Agreement are severable. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable, such provision shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable. Any law or regulation which provides that the language of a contract shall be construed against the drafter shall not apply to this Agreement. INTEGRATION: This Agreement represents the complete agreement concerning the subject matter hereof, and any and all understandings, conversations and communications, proposals, and counterproposals, oral and written (including any draft of this Agreement) are merged into and superseded by this Agreement and shall be of no force or effect, except as expressly provided herein. No such understandings, conversations, communications, proposals, counterproposals or drafts shall be referred to in any proceeding concerning this Agreement. Further, no understanding contained in this Agreement shall be modified, altered or amended, except by a writing signed by the party against whom enforcement is sought. U.S. GOVERNMENT RESTRICTED RIGHTS: The iCLEBO Software and the ICLEBO Robot are provided with “RESTRICTED RIGHTS.” Use, duplication or disclosure by the Government is subject to restrictions set forth or its successor. Use of the iCLEBO Software or the ICLEBO Robot or the Government constitutes acknowledgment of iCLEBO’s rights in them. NO EXPORT: You may not export the iCLEBO Software or the ICLEBO Robot in violation of applicable laws. LAWS: Any claim arising under or relating to this Agreement shall be governed by the internal substantive laws of the Commonwealth of California, without regard to its principles of conflict of laws. The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded. ARBITRATION: All disputes relating to this Agreement (excepting any dispute relating to intellectual property rights) shall be subject to final and binding arbitration, with the losing party paying all costs of arbitration. Any arbitration relating to this Agreement shall be held in Irvine, California, under the auspices of an arbiter selected by iCLEBO USA. Any litigation relating to this Agreement shall be subject to exclusive venue and jurisdiction in the federal and state courts of California, with the losing party responsible for costs, including without limitation, court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses. LIMITED WARRANTY TO ORIGINAL PURCHASER This iCLEBO brand product, as supplied and distributed by SYNET Electronics Inc (DBA: iCLEBO USA), and delivered as manufactured, in the carton to the original customer purchaser, is warranted by iCLEBO USA against manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials for the qualifying limited warranty period as follows: 1 YEAR (365 days) from the date of purchase. Register your product online at http://www.iCleboUSA.com/registration.html to validate your warranty. The iCLEBO® limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship that might occur during normal use of your robot. Consumable components such as filters and brushes are not covered in the warranty. Defects resulting from improper maintenance, unauthorized repairs or failure to follow operational instructions are some of the items not covered. Damage caused by the use of accessories and parts, including batteries that were not manufactured by iCLEBO, void the limited warranty. PARTS & LABOR: This limited warranty is valid only on products purchased and used in North America. It does not include installation, removal or reinstallation. Warranty repairs must be performed by iCLEBO USA’s authorized service center. To receive warranty service, the original dated bill of sale must be presented upon request as proof of purchase to iCLEBO USA’s authorized service center. To obtain warranty service, support or other information, visit our website at www.iCleboUSA.com or by calling our Toll-free number at 888-372-8990. iCLEBO USA will repair or replace this product, at our discretion, and at no charge with new or reconditioned parts, if found to be defective during the limited warranty period specified above. To request service, the purchaser must contact iCLEBO USA for problem determination and service procedures. iCLEBO USA does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of the product. All replaced parts and products become the property of iCLEBO USA and must be returned to iCLEBO USA. Replacement parts and products assume the remaining original warranty, or 60 days. This limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship encountered in normal, and, except to the extent otherwise expressly provided in this statement, non-commercial use of this product and shall not apply to the following, including but not limited to: damage which occurs in shipment; applications and uses for which this product was not intended; failures or problems which are caused by products or equipment not supplied by iCLEBO USA; accidents, misuse, abuse, neglect, misapplication, fire, water, lightning or other acts of nature; incorrect electrical line voltage, fluctuations or surges; damage caused by improper installation; product alteration or modification; improper or unauthorized repair; exterior finish or cosmetic damage; failure to follow operation instructions, customer adjustments, maintenance and environmental instructions that are covered and prescribed in the instruction book; use of non-iCLEBO or unauthorized parts, supplies, accessories or equipment which damage this product or result in service problems; failures or problems due to incompatibility with other equipment. THERE ARE NO EXPRESS WARRANTIES OTHER THAN THOSE LISTED AND DESCRIBED ABOVE, AND NO WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUD-ING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, SHALL APPLY AFTER THE EXPRESS WARRANTY PERIOD STATED ABOVE, AND NO OTHER EXPRESS WARRANTY OR GUARANTY GIVEN BY ANY PERSON, FIRM OR CORPORATION WITH RESPECT TO THIS PRODUCT SHALL BE BINDING ON ICLEBO CORPORATION. iCLEBO USA SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR LOSS OF REVENUE OR PROFITS, FAILURE TO REALIZE SAVINGS OR OTHER BENEFITS, OR ANY OTHER SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES CAUSED BY THE USE, MISUSE OR INABILITY TO USE THIS PRODUCT, REGARDLESS OF THE LEGAL THEORY ON WHICH THE CLAIM IS BASED, AND EVEN IF ICLEBO HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. NOR SHALL RECOVERY OF ANY KIND AGAINST iCLEBO USA BE GREATER IN AMOUNT THAN THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT SOLD BY iCLEBO USA AND CAUSING THE ALLEGED DAMAGE.WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, PURCHASER ASSUMES ALL RISK AND LIABILITY FOR LOSS, DAMAGE OR INJURY TO PURCHASER AND PURCHASER’S PROPERTY AND TO OTHERS AND THEIR PROPERTY ARISING OUT OF THE USE, MISUSE OR INABILITY TO USE THIS PRODUCT SOLD BY iCLEBO USA NOT CAUSED DIRECTLY BY THE GROSS NEGLIGENCE OF ICLEBO CORPORATION. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY SHALL NOT EXTEND TO ANYONE OTHER THAN THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER OF THIS PRODUCT, IS NONTRANSFERABLE AND STATES YOUR EXCLUSIVE REMEDY. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. iCLEBO Important Safety Instructions GENERAL: Read all safety and operating instructions before operating ICLEBO Robot. Retain the safety and operating instructions for future reference. Heed all warnings on ICLEBO Robot, battery, charger and in owner’s manual. Follow all operating and use instructions. Do not attempt to service ICLEBO yourself. CAUTION: DO NOT REMOVE COVER OF ICLEBO ROBOT, ITS BATTERY OR THE CHARGER. THIS CAN REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. Always be careful when using your ICLEBO Robot. To reduce the risk of injury or damage, keep these safety precautions in mind when setting up, using and maintaining your equipment. POWER & CHARGING: Charge only using standard US (120V AC) outlets. Operate your iCLEBO only from the type of power source indicated on the marking label. If you are not sure of the type of power supplied in your home, consult your local power company. Product may not be used with any type of power converter. Any such use will immediately void the Warranty. Use only the charger supplied by the manufacturer to charge this device. Do not use a charger with a damaged cord or plug. Charge indoors only. Never handle chargers with wet hands. Always remove the battery and disconnect ICLEBO from the charger before cleaning. USE: iCLEBO is an indoor device only, do not use outdoors. iCLEBO is not a toy. Do not use iCLEBO on wet surfaces or where contact with or immersion in water is a possible. Do not sit or stand on this device. Small children and pets should be supervised if iCLEBO is in use. Keep loose clothing, hair and body parts away from brushes and moving parts. Do not use this device to pick up anything that is burning or smoking. Before using this device, pick up objects like clothing, loose papers, pull cords for blinds and curtains, power cords, and any fragile objects. If the device passes over a power cord and drags it, there is a chance an object could tumble off a table or shelf. If the room to be cleaned contains a balcony, a physical barrier should be used to prevent access to the balcony and ensure safe operation. Do not use this device to pick up flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline. Always remove the battery before long-term storage or transportation. © 2014 SYNET Electronics Inc(DBA: iCLEBO USA). 220 Technology Drive Suite 220, Irvine CA 92681, USA. All rights reserved.